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Enterprise Cloud
Lifecycle Services
ATI offers a full portfolio of services to transform how you design & deploy Unified Communications in the cloud. From education and planning, to implementation and ongoing operational management, we have a proven method of success for the enterprise voice, contact center, and network cloud. 
Education & Strategy
When businesses look to embrace cloud solutions but lack education, results suffer. We help you strategize a roadmap, cultivating success.
Design & Plan
Architecting the services you want to provide with an understanding of the corresponding impact is critical. Our collaborative blueprint will deliver. 
Deploy & Manage
Accelerate your adoption of the cloud by leveraging our engineers, architects, support team, and the deep experience of our experts. 
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Enterprise Cloud Consulting

We help companies realize the value of cloud technology

We facilitate a proactive approach to eliminate unnecessary costs and to align cloud technologies with your business needs and strategic organizational goals. This is done by examining your precise business cases to compare the value vs. cost of current and future Unified Communications investments.
& Deep Dive
Our process is about asking the right questions to uncover your business pain points & needs. We map out your long term objectives & desired business outcomes to create a plan of action to solve problems and create true value in the technology your business consumes.

Voice & UCaaS

Examining your current enterprise communications infrastructure and how it connects your customers, partners, and teams.

Contact Centers

Analyzing your current cradle to grave customer & agent experience to create better process flows and customer satisfaction scores.

Network Services

Dissecting your premise, co-lo's, public, & private cloud topography to determine appropriate migration strategies & solutions.

2019 CCaaS Trends

Contact Center as a Service - The History, Benefits, Differentiators, and 2019 Trends.

Measure The Value of Cloud To Your Business
Cloud everything has arrived and there's simply too many options and our clients lack the ability to measure their success. We provide a trusted partners perspective on how to: 
Measure the exact IT breakdown per unit, benchmark IT costs against direct competitors, and how to work with business units to make sure they see the value of the IT services we provide. 
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Scale up & scale
down on demand
Exponential growth always available
Acquire and build to
each business unit
Compliance & DR
built in & guaranteed
Pay for what you use
only when you use it
Application Assessments, Consolidation, & ROI
  • Create a plan of action to migrate disparate voice platforms across sites

  • Consolidate network service plans under a single management portal

  • Assess new & current business applications for unnecessary costs & waste

  • Align technologies with business need & strategic organizational goals

Consider the real value of a WAN assessment per the 2016 Gartner report to the right. Over 3 years, a 250 branch enterprise would save roughly $800k with SD-WAN. The process to analyze & consolidate hundreds of disparate sites is exhausting, tedious and would require intimate knowledge of SD-WAN. This is a perfect example of when a trusted partner like ATI could fill in the gaps.
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Vendor Alignment
& Trusted Partnerships

At ATI, we’ve built a reputation on delivering premier cloud solutions - no matter your industry, existing infrastructure or budget, we’ll find the best fit for your voice, contact center, and network needs. 

We've thoroughly vetted dozens of leading providers and have developed nationally recognized trusted partnerships with the few trailblazers in the marketplace. 

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