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At ATI, we’ve built a reputation on delivering the best cloud solutions & onsite VoIP services — no matter your industry, existing infrastructure or budget, we’ll find the right fit for your voice, cloud, network, & software needs.

Our 30+ year tenure in the industry has allowed us to vet all the major providers, and learn their strengths and weaknesses, so you don’t have to.

Founded in 1983, ATI is your one stop shop for all your telecom, cloud, and software needs. From 10 to 10,000 employees our customer base includes private, not-for-profit, government, municipalities, and Fortune 500 businesses with over 5,000 customers nationwide.

ATI has partnered with the top service providers to operate as your single point of contact for all your businesses communications products and cloud solutions. Making sure our suite of product offerings will always stay at the forefront of the current industry technology. We provide cradle to grave support for our clients through scalable platforms with streamlined migration paths thus delivering total investment protection for the life of your onsite or cloud solution.
The ATI Process

Discovery and Engineering

We ask the right questions w specific subject matter experts to uncover your business pains and needs

Provider Selection

As a trusted consultant for over 35 years we’ve had the opportunity to meet, vet, demo, and tour data centers for over 100 of the leading providers. Then we select a few that are perfect for your specific project.

Solution Architect

We leverage our engineering resources, the prospective providers, and your team to architect the perfect solution.

Pricing and Negotation

We work on your behalf to negotiate the best pricing amongst the proposed vendors. You do not pay ATI one cent.


We work out all the kinks to eliminate unnecessary issues when we go live. Coordinating with our internal PMs, your team and your chosen provider.

Ongoing Support

In conjunction with your chosen provider we support our product offerings throughout their lifetime, while consulting your team on new technology.


Why ATI?

There are hundreds of cloud solutions… So how do you choose the right one? We’ve met, vetted, toured data centers & learned the strengths & weaknesses of all the major providers… So, you don’t have to.

ATI is your supplier agnostic trusted technology advisor. We’re third party neutral, able to represent hundreds of providers in the telecom and cloud world; a consultant and broker all rolled into one. Our 35+ year tenure and large client portfolio has attracted the attention of all the major providers in the tech world, allowing us to thoroughly vet each one. We know their strengths and weaknesses and consider the needs of your industry, locations, unique systems & strategies when developing a plan of action. It’s more about finding your business the right solution, since we have no direct ties or quotas from the manufacturers.

We’ll negotiate rates & deals on your behalf with better pricing than had you gone direct, & best of all you don’t pay ATI one cent. We are one of the few companies with the certifications and capabilities to design, install, & support your new solution, giving you a reliable single contact.


Team members

Current clients

Expanding the ATI SaaS Portfolio Throughout the World

Working through a technology services distributor, ATI can obtain quotes & solutions quickly & confidently with preferred pricing & greater negotiating power. We're able to leverage national engineers with expertise on every technological solution to supplement our local Cloud Connect implementation team. ATI gets quick access to multiple qualified suppliers
without having to negotiate individual contracts, while also having the reputation and freedom to apply true neutrality & vendor agnostic selections.

Meet Our Team
Our Values reflect who we are & what we've stood for as a company since 1983, providing & recommending the best technology solutions to our clients.
Total Customer Care, Quality, Integrity & Accountability, Teamwork, & Respect for People.


24X7 TAC

Professional and knowledgeable on-site staff greets service and technical calls during business hours, followed by on-call technicians around the clock.


Available Parts

We maintain a complete inventory for every phone system we sell & support here at our Naperville, IL office.


Demo Rooms

Don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself. We’ll perform a custom demonstrate and show you just how the product and specific features pertinent to your business will function.



We leave nothing up to chance. No matter if it’s one or one hundred sites we’ll setup your system at our facility and work out all kinks to eliminate unnecessary issues when we go live at all your locations

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