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VirtualizationShoreTel Mitel

Phone Systems – You know those pretty little orange (ShoreTel) & black (Mitel) boxes that you call your phone system? Well how about we take those away and put the entire system in your server infrastructure or VMware. Yep, that’s right, start cutting down on the amount of hardware in your data rooms while making your organization much more IT efficient. Or better yet, mix and match for a backup or fail-over should an issue arise. Right now ShoreTel will also allow you to spin up their conferencing solution appliance on your servers for free. If you ever needed a back end for an Instant Messaging appliance, here’s your chance. Contact ATI now for more info, or check out our specific ShoreTel Virtualization page.

Cloud Solutions – ATI is please to announce a partnership with Evolve IP that will supply our customers with a reliable cloud solutions environment for all your day-to-day business applications. Cut out the expensive and time consuming route of purchasing and upgrading servers, switches and other data appliances. Enjoy a monthly per user subscription model for: MS Office, Citrix, MS Exchange & Outlook, Data Storage & Disaster Recovery, and many more applications. All easily accessible from any computer, laptop, or smart phone. (BYOD) Ask ATI how our new connection with Evolve IP can compliment any ATI phone system deployment. Check out their TCO Calculator to the cloud, to see if it’s the right switch for you.


One of the hottest topics right now is BYOD. (Bring Your Own Device) With ShoreTel you’re able to use your own smart device (Apple, Android, Blackberry) anywhere, with the same functionality as your phone & desktop Communicator software in the office. Learn more about it here.

To help out with BYOD in the workplace, ATI has partnered with Ruckus, a national leader in wireless technology. No more cabling to each workstation. Here’s how the new office operates: ATI will run a series of cables (Or utilize preexisting runs) and attach Ruckus Wireless fast & secure access points to various spots in the office for full and optimal coverage. Next you dock your iPhone/iPad at your desk for complete parity.


Net Promoter Score, World Class Award – ATI is humbled to be recognized by ShoreTel by as achieving “World-Class” level under the globally recognized Net Promoter Score (NPS) for 2014, which takes into account ATI’s customer experiences and satisfaction. Click here to read the press release.

20-social-media-iconsBrand New Website & Social Media Presence – If you’re reading this, then you can see we’ve recently launched a brand new website to highlight our products and services and to keep you up to date on all the latest events and happenings in the telephony stratosphere. Feel free to check out our monthly newsletters or subscribe to us on your favorite social media site (Top right of page) to stay current.

ATI is excited about our future with our recent hire of skilled project managers, technical assistance center associates, and network engineers to add to our already experienced team. Check out our Careers page to see if we have an opening for you.