Attract and Retain Top Talent

  • You’ve got the right products & business plan, but how do you Attract and Retain Top Talent with the new crop of Millennials entering the workforce?

    CNBC & Forbes report that Millennials will occupy 40% of the workforce by 2020 & 75% by 2025.

    The office environment is changing. Companies like Zappos, Twitter, & Google offer their employees a free-flowing work environment. The new less walls & more technology approach is creating a generation of workers who are more creative and collaborative in their efforts.

    With “Innovative Workspaces” & “Smart Social Technology” we assist our clients in combating one of the most prevalent issues in today’s workplace, “Attracting and Retaining Top Talent.” Learn more below.

  • Millennials in the workforce

What is the “Office Culture” that you’d like to project?

  • ATI is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Rieke Office Interiors (ROI) to help our clients attract and retain top talent in the ever changing workforce. ROI is Chicagoland’s leader in creating the most efficient, cost effective & innovative work spaces from their Elgin based manufacturing & 150,000 sqft showroom facility.

    In the past our organizations would generally collide when a business relocates their offices. Naturally many new technology and workplace design initiatives come into play during the move, and both the ATI & ROI team’s would provide the white glove experience during this transition. However recently we are finding that more and more companies are reevaluating their technology and work-space projects outside of a move or aging equipment in an effort to promote their Millennial friendly office culture.

    Check out Rieke’s “R-Lab” it’s an open concept, rentable, colorful office space that sparks creativity for that special meeting or collaboration. If you’re not ready to overhaul your office or would like to discover the potential, it’s a great place to start.

    Contact us today to setup a walkthrough or learn about the many custom office furniture options ROI can provide.

    See some examples of ROI’s work here.

  • Rieke custom office furniture


What are your moving & renovation plans for 2016?

  • Renovations – As long as your desks aren’t falling apart and you can get dial tone, it may be difficult to open up the pocket book to fix something that’s not broken. But if you find yourself unable to attract and retain top talent this may be the perfect place to start. Cool innovative work spaces, spark creativity, while utilizing your smart device for business and pleasure allows work to get done no matter where you are. Let’s face it, the 40 hour work week is behind us, as most employees spend more time awake at the office each week rather than their own house. All those hours at work can burn even the best of us out, so take a look around and honestly ask yourself, “Is this somewhere that I’d want to spend my free time?” You may think, that’s a silly question, this is work, this is an office, but that’s not how Millennials think, and it’s not how the organizations that attract and retain top talent think either. Check out some images from Google’s office, and you may start to understand why they continue to bring in top talent

    Check out ROI’s Renovation Video Below

    Moving – A change of scenery offers the best time to reinvent your office culture without breaking the bank. Cut out the time and expenses of moving old furniture and technology, & create a custom work space that allows employees and clients to connect seamlessly. 

  • Moving Phone System


  • ShoreTel-Apple-watch-cropped

    Your Phone System
    on the Apple Watch

  • shoretel apple dock

    Your Personal iPad is Your
    Business Device, Anywhere!

  • Mobility 8 iPhone - Video Call

    Complete Mobile Parity
    Presence, Text, HD Video

  • ShoreTel Collab

    Collaborative GUI
    on Any Smart Device

How much more confident would you be in your ability to attract and retain top talent with an office like this?