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    In today’s business world, the constant need for connectivity and data is unprecedented. When your internet is down, virtually all facets of your business come to a screeching halt. Nothing is safe, not your CRM, email, or even voice can operate without it. A lack of productivity is one thing, but just how much money does your company lose when your internet connection is interrupted? While the cost of high-speed bandwidth for some carriers is on the decline, the reliability of those services cannot always be trusted.
    Hence for a myriad of reasons, a backup internet service is truly warranted. ATI has leveraged our industry connections and come up with a couple of great fail-safe options. See below how your company can get a minimum of 10M for only $99 a month. Then continue reading to learn how to add a business 4G 10M wireless redundancy failover for only an additional $75 more.
    Make sure your mission critical applications never go down again.  
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Cost Efficient Backup Internet Options

  • Option 1:  10Mb x 1Mb Ethernet
    $99 Monthly Recurring Charges

    Router included
    Dedicated Internet
    MPLS Ready
    Installation $150
    May be available up to 50Mb x 5Mb
    36 month term

  • Option 2:   10Mb  x 10Mb EOC
    $499 Monthly Recurring Charges

    Router Included
    Dedicated Internet
    MPLS ready
    Installation waived
    May be available up to 100Mb
    36 month term

Class-of-Service (CoS) Prioritized voice and other business critical real-time data streams
MPLS VPN – Connect multiple locations for secure WAN traffic
Dedicated NOC support 24x7x365
As quick as 30 days from signing to install by trained technicians
Built on the Adtran TA5000 platform and easily scalable
Locations available throughout the USA with multiple access speeds
 Proactive monitoring for network status and availability
  • And there’s one more thing…

    Add a 4G LTE wireless redundant solution to any of the options above for just $75 more.

    No installation charges
    No overage charges
    Diverse networks
    Router Included

    Be truly resilient and maintain a continuous connection even when that backhoe takes out your last mile; with a no usage limitation 10M 4G backup. Your professionally installed and configured wireless backup will be proactively monitored 24×7 to assure immediate & seamless failover should any of your backup connections above go down.

    All this for only $75 a month. Contact ATI with the form below to ask any questions or to receive a formal quote.

  • On Network Building List

    Check out the on-network building list here, and see if your office is one of the over 45,000 locations in Illinois that qualifies for the listed bandwidth offers. You also can see the max speed available for your address if you’re interested in more than 10M of services. If you’re in northwest Indiana, southeast Wisconsin, or anywhere outside of Illinois, fill out the form below, and I’ll get back to you asap with the availability.
    See the on-network building list.
  • Chicago-Building-List

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