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    On-Network Building List

    If you’re in Illinois and located at one of the 45,000+ addresses below, then you’re elgibile for our great backup internet offers. Learn more about these backup plans here.
    1 – 10x1M – $99/mo
    2 – 10x10M – $499/mo
    3 – 10M 4G LTE Wireless – $75
    Many of these buildings can also support much faster down/upload speeds if required. So don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote. I don’t expect you to scroll through this list manually, so here are a few tips to see if your building is on-network.
    Use the “Find” feature on excel, by pressing “Ctrl+F”
    If your street includes a direction use the first letter abbreviation instead of the full word. Ex: N instead of North
    If you’re not located in Illinois or can’t find your address here, then fill out the contact form below with your address and I’ll double check.

    Click here to view the On-Network Addresses

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