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An Enterprise-Class Hosted Phone System That Supports Your Entire Workforce

Birch TotalCloud PBX

Work anywhere, receive and make calls from anywhere


Save on expensive upfront hardware costs without sacrificing the features of an onsite phone system with Birch’s TotalCloud hosted offering. The TotalCloud PBX can be intertwined with your current onsite system, and used with landline, mobile, or VoIP services all from Birch’s safe, secure SSAE16/SOC3 certified data center.

  • Initial/Ongoing Cost Savings – No large upfront expenditures or ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Geographical Flexibility – Employees can work from their cell, home or any other location with complete phone system parity.

  • Local Presence – Get a local virtual number creating a virtual office for a city your not necessarily located in

  • Quick Setup/Ease of Use – Utilize a user friendly web intereface to monitor and manage from any smart device with an internet connection

  • Scalability – Easily scale up and down with the season with a quick call to Birch

  • Disaster Recovery – Your phone system will always be accessible even if your office i

  • SLA’s – 100% guaranteed core up time, backed by Birch’s SLA

  • World Class Technology – Get top technology including Cisco, Polycom, and Broadsoft for a Birch low price


Keeps every facet of your communication devices intertwined
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Lower Your Phone System Costs

Lower initial cost, free tech-support, scalable pay as you go

Increase Your Productivity

Advanced features, flexible call routing, access anywhere

Protect Your Business Information

Secured in the cloud with guaranteed business continuity

Award Winning Service

100% based US support ranked in the top 50

A Provider To Trust

18 year ongoing commitment to the SMB market

Business Class Network

100% birch owned and operated since 1996

Targeted seat types for POTs replacement to complete UCC solutions

$ 23.75
Merchant Seat

Merchant Seat is a step up from basic phone lines, designed for small businesses. It includes unlimited local, unlimited domestic long distance, call routing, auto attendant, and many other features needed by small businesses, without having to pay for advanced features that are required for complex voice needs. TotalCloud PBX Merchant Seat lowers monthly communications spend with a simple easy to use solution.

$ 28.50
Professional Seat

Professional Seat is an enterprise-class, Unified Communications (UC) solution providing advanced features such as complex call routing and auto attendant for medium and large sized businesses. This seamless communication experience is controllable by the user through applications available on Windows, Android, and iOS using the TotalCloud PBX Hub app and is available for employees who are working from multiple corporate offices, at home, or on the go. The TotalCloud PBX platform is managed by Birch, enabling businesses to minimize costs and time spent on IT and communications leaving them to focus on their core business.

$ 37.99
Executive Seat

Executive Seat is an enterprise-class Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution. With Today’s fast-paced business environment and virtual offices, communicating with employees, clients, and prospects requires more than just making phones calls. TotalCloud PBX Executive Seats provide a seamless collaboration experience enabling advanced call routing, auto attendant, HD audio and video collaboration, instant messaging, conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing and are controllable by the user through applications available on Windows, Android, and iOS using the TotalCloud PBX Hub app. Best of all, leveraging one platform for all collaboration tools limits business complexity and creates cost and support efficiencies for IT departments.

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Analog Phone Lines?

Ideal for multi-location businesses utilizing analog phone lines, BirchNet allows you to consolidate all your charges with one provider. Get rid of those junk charges, and simplify with one predictive monthly fee. Pool your minutes amongst all your lines with free local toll calling. Never sit on hold with your current provider and get the great customer service of Birch. Interested? Fill out the form below for more info.
$ 33.95
BirchNet Value

Unlimited Local Calling Includes FCC and LNP Domestic Long Distance Rate of $0.069 per minute

$ 35.95
BirchNet Basic

Unlimited Local Calling Unlimited IntraLATA Calling Includes FCC and LNP 15 Calling Feature Set, including Hunting, Caller ID, Call Forwards, etc Domestic Long Distance Rate of $0.049 per minute

$ 39.95
BirchNet Essentials

Unlimited Local Calling Unlimited IntraLATA Calling 1500 Minutes of Long distance Includes FCC and LNP 15 Calling Feature Set, including Hunting, Caller ID, Call Forwards, etc. Domestic Long Distance Rate of $0.049 per minute after the first 1500 minutes

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A SIP Product Guide
Learn how to reduce cost by combining voice and data over your current direct internet access.

Birch SIPconnect

  • Purchase only the trunks you need, not 23 PRI minimum paths required in the past

  • Learn how to take Birch’s VoIP diagnostic test to see if you’re ready for SIP

  • SIPconnect can be layered on top of many of the top phone systems including Cisco, Avaya and more…

  • Learn the cost of Birch’s SIPconnect for both metered and unmetered, and what call features are included

Bundle & Save With Birch


1 – Save 30% off TotalCloud PBX when you bundle with BirchLink Access 2 – Save 10% off BirchLink Access when bundled with TotalCloud PBX 3 – Save 20% mobile or cloud services when bundled with TotalCloud PBX & Access


1 – Save 30% off TotalCloud PBX 2 – Save 10% off SipConnect

Affordable Cloud Phone System

Get a low cost phone system for only $15 per seat. Includes Yealink T42G phone, Unified Messaging, VM, Web Portal, many other standard features, and installation.


What's SD-WAN?

Prioritize bandwidth from any smart device. Replace MPLS for 1/10th the cost. Reduce WAN costs by 50% & Increase bandwidth by 400% with SD-WAN.


5 Ways Updating Your Phone System Drives Business Success

5 components to consider when evaluating your current phone system or a new communications solution

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