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  • What is Office 365? How Can ATI Help?

    Microsoft Office 365 is an application which allows users to access their data on any device anywhere ensuring productivity at all times. O365 provides the tools to collaborate with employees, customers and partners by offering your office in the cloud on a monthly subscription model. Included in Microsoft O365 is: Exchange online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, & Office applications. Or mix and match any of your required Office applications on up to 5 devices per user with included online storage. ATI provides Chicago-area businesses the best customer service and integration setup when they subscribe to our Chicago Office 365 plans. From installation to implementation – all the way thru troubleshooting – ATI is a gold standard for customer service within the Chicago technology market.
    Please let us know by filling the form out on the right if you would like to see pricing or additional information. Getting a quote is easy, we just need to know how many users and if you need Email only OR Email and the Office Suite.
    From 5 to 10,000 users, no matter the size, ATI can help your organization get into the cloud with Office 365.

Why Choose ATI’s Chicago Office 365 Plans Over The Traditional Local Deployment?

  • Flexibility: Office 365 provides users the ability to securely sign into accounts from 5 devices. This means you are always connected, phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, home, or office.
    Productivity: Moving to Office 365 frees up time that used to be spent maintaining physical servers, therefore, IT staff can turn their attention toward other areas in the business that need troubleshooting and help.
    Reliability: Switching to Office 365 lessens the risk of an email outage or risk of losing those critical emails. If you have experienced an email outage, you are aware of the ramifications!
    Cost: Migrating to Office 365 eliminates the need for an Exchange server, which everyone knows is expensive to manage and support, (Especially for small businesses) and the need to purchase Office licenses every time you buy a new machine or hire a new employee.
    Pay as you go: You can cancel at any time, protects companies with high turnover or companies that need to ramp up and hire temporary employees
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Benefits of Chicago Office 365 plans with ATI

I can go straight to Microsoft for Office 365, so why would I go through ATI instead? The same reason you let ATI take care of your network services through Comcast or AT&T…Customer Service. Never wait on hold again or talk to a MS technician half way around the world, plus in some cases we can provide the licensing cheaper than from Microsoft direct. With Chicago Office 365 plans from ATI, you get:

Office 365 includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publishers, and Access.
With Office 365 connected to the cloud, you always have the latest version of your desktop applications.
Office 365 saves to your online storage by default, so no more heading back to the office to get a file or document.
Each user can use their Office 365 desktop applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs, at work or at home.
Access all your corporate and personal email, contacts, and shared calendars in one unified Outlook inbox with spam and malware protection.
Work with co-workers or present to clients with scheduled or ad hoc online meetings, webinars, HD video conferences, and desktop sharing, all from a single click from your Outlook.
Find, locate, and instantly communicate with colleagues wherever they are.
Set up a social network that helps your company stay connected. Share information across teams and make faster, more informed decisions.
Get unlimited space in the cloud to store, backup, and easily share files.
Protect your business with anti-malware/anti-spam filters, continuous data backup, globally distributed data centers, and 99.9% uptime guarantee.
24 X 7 X 365 support from US based call center.

Chicago Office 365 Plans Use-Case Scenarios

  • One of ATI’s clients, with a staff of 250 and growing, needed a secure way to manage their “Bring Your Own Device” policies, so they switched to Office 365.

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  • One of ATI’s clients was facing a huge capital expense when they got the news that they needed to purchase a new Exchange server with all of the appropriate Microsoft licensing for their 30 user office. After crunching numbers, they realized it would make more financial sense to switch to our Chicago Office 365 plans for their email.

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  • ATI had one client that experienced multiple email outages and needed to have a solution that was more reliable and gave an up-time guarantee.

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  • Cost of Chicago Office 365

    We have three main options when it comes to procuring Chicago Office 365 plans.


    Option 1:
    Month to Month terms. 1 user all the way to 1 thousand. The cost is only a couple of dollars more than Microsoft’s month-to-month pricing. However, it includes support and free migration.


    Option 2:
    One Year contract. $25 a mailbox to migrate. No admin fee for support. $5 per month for end user help desk support. This option is the same price as Microsoft per license. Optimal  from a price point for users over 150 if end user support is not as important.


    Option 3:
    Enterprise, 300+ users. $1 less than Microsoft but you will commit to a 3 year contract.

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