Cloud Connect

  • What is Cloud Connect?

    Combine your multiple public bandwidth connections from any carrier into a single, faster, more reliable, virtual connection. ATI leverages Evolve IP’s cloud to bring you a secure replacement to your current expensive WAN connections.

    Key Cloud Connect Features:

     Significantly increase your network & internet speed
    Automatic fail-over
    Guaranteed bi-directional QoS over public networks
    Less cost MPLS alternative

    Just like ATI network services, that oversees all your carrier connections, Evolve IP does the same with their Cloud Connect product. Regardless of who delivers the connection it will be managed and supported by ATI & Evolve IP, delivering you peace of mind for your IP phone service, and cloud solutions.

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How it Works

How Cloud Connect Works

 Voice & Data headed towards your network first goes through the Evolve IP cloud, where each packet is divided and routed individually through one of your internet connections

 The packets reach your business through an on premise appliance, are recombined with the original stream and then routed to your network

 Outbound data takes the opposite path; through the on-site appliance, divided across your connections and recombined at the Cloud level before being sent to it’s destination


Deploy Cloud Connect to Replace your MPLS

Reduce WAN Costs by 52%, Increase Bandwidth by 400%

Securely Access the Cloud All traffic over the public internet is encrypted using advanced ciphers to ensure your data is protected.

Build your WAN using Cloud Connect – This allows you to replace costly MPLS setups and firewalls. All of your locations will be able to privately access other Cloud Connect sites.

Mix & Match carriers & protocols for increase bandwidth – Combine T1, DSL, Cable, and wireless from any carrier into your Cloud Connect WAN. This ensures the right selection of available bandwidth for remote sites. Now you don’t have to worry about if your current provider cannot reach these areas.

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  • QoS (QoE) over the Internet:

    Your critical data & voice traffic is prioritized between your local device and Evolve IP’s cloud which is centered on the backbone of the internet. This enables routing decisions in both directions based on the quality of each connection, thus providing QoE. (Quality of Experience = MPLS-Based QoS) This system continuously reacts and adjusts based on the usage of certain apps, providing the bandwidth needed.


    Instant Failover:

    Within 0.3 seconds Cloud Connect recognizes a severed connection and eliminates it from the bond. Since streaming is done at the packet level vs. session level, Cloud Connect is able pick new paths & re-route data immediately when an issue is detected. This instant failover means voice calls don’t drop, backups stay current, & virtual desktops aren’t disturbed. When the connection in question comes back on-line it’s added back to the bond within 0.1 seconds. Unlike regular load balancing, failover and failback has zero implication on DNS with Cloud Connect.

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