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The Features of a Cloud Phone System, With the Support Benefits of your Local Vendor, ATI

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Since 1983 ATI has been Chicagoland’s premier provider of VoIP & network solutions for business communications. However with the recent influx of the cloud, this altered landscape has allowed us to utilize our successful & tenured position in the industry to meet, vet, tour, demo, & learn the strengths & weaknesses of all the major cloud providers; to provide a consultative approach to clients looking to make the transition. Many of our customers though wish to maintain ATI’s local dedicated support, while still reaping the benefits of a georedundant OPEX communications system. Thus, ATI Hosted Voice powered by Access One was born.
Access One unlike many of the telecom giants that prioritize the bottom line first, their mission is to offer clients the finest, most reliable business communication services and cutting-edge networks in the industry. Access One presents customized solutions to the unique needs of your growing business with a scalable, high-capacity infrastructure. Their continued network investment enables them to expand their product portfolio, remain competitively priced, and create highly effective solutions tailored to your business.

Full Featured Cloud Phone System From ATI

Auto Attendant | Call Record | CRM Integration | Mobility | Call Center

Why A Cloud Phone System?

ATI Hosted Voice is a fully managed, enterprise-grade phone system that utilizes the latest cloud-based technology to connect your business without the high costs of a traditional premises-based phone system. ATI Hosted Voice provides a broad range of local and hosted voice features and service options that are designed to help your business communicate reliably without a large capital investment or the worry of maintenance fees.
  • Feature Rich Solutions – Benefit from a feature rich platform including voicemail to email, mobility feature, auto attendant and music on hold, to name a few!
    Affordable Costs – Businesses utilizing hosted solutions never have to worry about software updates or hardware maintenance. Now you can enjoy the benefits of up-to-date, feature rich technology while eliminating the expenses that accompany traditional phone systems.
    Increased Flexibility – Optimal for businesses of all sizes, hosted solutions enable smaller organizations to have the same resources as larger ones. There are no costly layouts, additional equipment purchases or complicated start up procedures.
    Low Up-Front Costs – With no need for expensive on-premise hardware, our systems require less up-front capital dollars when compared to a traditional phone system.
    Seamless Platform – Connect multiple locations and remote and mobile workers into a single feature rich platform.
    Solution For Remote Users – Regardless of where your users are while working remotely — satellite locations, their homes, a client’s office, etc. — a hosted solution provides them access to the same phone system as their coworkers. Remote workers simply connect a preprogrammed VoIP phone to a broadband/cable Internet connection. Improving employee productivity, managing remote employees and reducing travel and office expenses become more viable.
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Mobility with ATI Hosted Voice

  • Mobility & Unified Communications

    ATI’s mobile app – Accession Communicator – is a great way to integrate a phone, tablet, or laptop into your communications landscape. Accession integrates your mobile device with desk phone functions and enables you to send and receive calls, instant messages (IM), or video calls from any device connected to the Internet. Call Jump allows you to move a call to any other device silently and seamlessly.

    Web Portals for Easy Administration 

    Hosted Voice provides a convenient web portal that makes it easy for users to set-up and change features to suit their needs. Visual voicemail enables you to listen to messages or have them sent to an email address. Business Call Manager contains powerful call routing capabilities such as simultaneous ring, distinctive ring tones, and remote call forwarding. In addition to the user portals, Hosted Voice has a separate web portal for managing business-level features.

    On a laptop or desktop computer, Accession is a fullfledged unified communications tool. It enables you to integrate voice, video, IM, and email into a single platform for communication. Powerful ‘presence’ capabilities allow you to see the real-time status of coworkers – available, offline, on the phone, or in a meeting. Accession integrates with Outlook so that calling and IM can be integrated into email. It also integrates with CRM applications such as Salesforce or Sugar CRM and business productivity tools like Google apps and WebEx.

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Call Center Solution – ATI Hosted Voice

  • ATI’s call center solution enables you to efficiently manage your call center environment by making best-in-class capabilities available in a cloud-based, buy only what you need model.

    Core Functions

    ATI’s Auto Call Distribution (ACD) draws many of its capabilities from Hosted Voice features such as hunt groups, auto attendant, and music-on-hold. These core functions provide Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and queuing functions through both Easy Attendant and Premium Auto Attendant. Routing algorithms include longest idle time or round-robin. Music-on-hold enables not only music but also announcements to be played while customers are waiting to speak to an agent. All of these capabilities can be configured through an easy-to-use web portal.
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  • Powerful Supervisor Features

    Supervisors and administrators have a number of features, including whisper, listen, and barge-in, that enable them to coach agents and assist in customer calls. The supervisor dashboard allows administration of the call queues and performance of the center. Detailed report generation is available to track trends and the performance over time. Reports can be standardized or run on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Agent Level Features

    Call Center Agents have a number of features available. First is a portal view showing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so they can monitor their performance against desired metrics. As calls come in, information about the caller can be displayed to aid in problem solving. The agent has the ability to set what ‘state’ they are in – active, away, or do not disturb – and the ability to “wrap up” calls – disposition codes and notes.


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