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    Decide With Data Webinar

    Decide with Data: Impact Customer Experience Now Managing a call center is complex. There is a constant tension in striking the balance between running an efficient team and effectively providing a satisfying customer experience. Knowing what data to analyze and when and how to apply what it is telling you to everyday, complex situations is […]

  • Turn Office 365 into your RingCentral Communications Hub

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    How Does ATI Work

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    Data and Telecom Service Contract Renewals

    Things are changing, and I’m sharing a quick tip with you that our IT clients are finding crucial for success. One date hits the calendar every 3 years that’s CRUCIAL to your IT infrastructure.  It’s when your data and telecom service contract expires.  IT networks only operate as smoothly as the fiber roads they run […]

  • traditonal_network_vs_sd_wan

    SD WAN Fact vs Fiction

    SD -WAN Fact vs Fiction You may have heard the term “SD-WAN” being thrown about lately. SD-WAN is an emerging technology. It makes sense that there are a lot of myths surrounding it. Want to know the truth about SD-WAN? Myth #1: SD-WAN is the same as WAN optimization WAN optimization and SD-WAN both reduce […]

  • SD WAN

    Replace MPLS With SD WAN

    Take Advantage of Software Defined Networking and Replace MPLS With SD WAN. What if your organization had the opportunity to ditch your costly MPLS network and replace it with a solution at 1/10th the cost? What type of benefits would that provide? No longer manage WAN connectivity in-house for multiple locations Save on costly MPLS bills […]

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    4 Ways SIP Trunking Brings Cloud Benefits to Onsite Phone Systems

    The Benefits of SIP Trunking November 11, 2016 – Cost effective, easy to set-up and quick to scale…if you’re already sold on the benefits of cloud communications solutions, but aren’t yet ready to make the big leap, SIP trunking might be just what you’re looking for. SIP trunking is a great way to gain cloud […]

  • Lower Telecom Costs with ShoreTel SIP

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    Savings & Growth: SIP Trunking

    What is SIP Trunking? October 7, 2016 – Business demands are constantly changing. Between employee fluctuation and seasonal changes, it’s hard to not overspend on telecom. Analog technology or digital lines require additional wiring and installation if you want to scale and can quickly put a hole in your pocket. SIP trunking, on the other […]

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    The 3 Cs of an Effective Business Phone Offering Communication Collaboration Control

    How to effectively communicate collaborate & control with your business phone system July 7, 2016 – Business phone systems traditionally haven’t been considered much beyond their ability to connect callers. For most businesses, telecom is a line item on an expense budget—no thought is given to how the technology actually can help improve your company’s […]

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    What a Hybrid Communications System Can Do for You

    Does hybrid communications work best for your organization? July 5, 2016 – Communications today means so much more than dial tone—it spans a breadth of methods and tools including email, messaging, conferencing and more. Voice communications is merging with other forms of communications to create a converged environment that enables users to communicate how they […]

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    Planning for Adversity Ensuring business communication continuity with the cloud

    How to ensure business communication continuity with the cloud June 28, 2016 – Your new marketing campaign was a huge success and your office is receiving the highest level of calls you’ve ever experienced in your growing business.  Your staff is taking live calls, checking voicemail and returning customer inquiries as fast as they can. […]