Phone System Moving Checklist

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  • Fill out the “Phone System Moving Checklist” below and make sure your business is all set for the upcoming office relocation.

    Note each box you check and contact ATI to discuss how we can assist.


  • I’d like to look at new Cloud phones

    Myself & IT staff are done dealing with phone systems

    We’d like to replace our onsite system with
    a newer deployment

    We have staff to manage phones, & just need new features

    My current phone system is less than 3 years old, I’d like to keep it

    If it’s a ShoreTel, Mitel, or Axxess, ATI can help you move it

  • I’m not sure I have enough bandwidth

    Let’s take a look at pricing for high speed internet

    I might need new carrier services for
    my new or current phone system

    Help me with SIP, PRI, MPLS, Analog, & Integrated Access

    I have no idea how to move my current phone
    numbers & internet to the new office

    I think I need ATI’s help with porting & testing

  • I need low voltage cabling at my new office

    For: Computers, Phones, WAPs, Intercoms or Cameras

    My new data closet or server room
    needs to be wired

    The cabling is there, just need a company to setup my racks

    I have to find a way to connect IP Phones
    on Cat 3 cabling

    Perfect for home run warehouses, and older offices 

  • I need to backup my data in the cloud

    We need to be able to access info anywhere from any device

    Let’s take a look at putting my data infrastructure in the cloud

    I don’t want my servers & switches in house anymore

    I’ll be keeping my current Data infrastructure
    Servers, PoE switches, gateways, etc…

    I already have a company or will be moving it myself

  • I’d like to host my MS Exchange Email

    No more worrying about servers or licensing onsite

    Lets put my desktops & apps in the cloud
    with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

    My employees need access to our apps from any device

    I’d like to outsource my IT to the cloud for
    remedial tasks

    Let my IT staff focus on more important objectives

  • Our new office will have a contact center

    Which call centers will integrate with our phone system?

    We need a way to send text messages & view
    presence info at our new office

    Let’s look at onsite & cloud phone systems that offer this

    The new layout will promote innovative work spaces & collaborative productions

    We need to connect our employees on any device