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ATI Cabling & Low Voltage Wiring Offerings

ATI Cabled Network Rack


Game changing solution that allows your company to operate IP phones off your current CAT 3 cabling

  • Think of all the money you can save from preventing an office wide infrastructure overhaul. No need to rewire for your upcoming new IP phone system, and save on costly PoE switches
  • No need to run new Cat 5/6 cabling to your remote warehouse office
  • Security – Keep your data network separate from your phone system
  • ATI can design, sell, and support the Phybridge solution


In-House Union and Non Union cabling & low voltage wiring operation

  • Phone Systems, Computer Terminals, Wireless Access Points, Cameras
  • New Buildings under construction or your already built and longstanding office
  • Let ATI take care of every aspect of your next IT upgrade, why have so many vendors, and so many point of contacts
  • Check out other Apps that ATI offers
  • Learn more about the phone systems ATI sells, installs & supports
  • We can also save you money on your voice & data plans