LifeSize Video Conferencing

Your Video Will Look Just Like This Image
It Will Be This Clear

Don’t believe me? Contact ATI to setup a demo. We’ll come to you and show you what we’re so excited about, amongst  other great video conferencing features.

  • LifeSize now in the Cloud. Check it out here Plus two week free trial
  • Simplicity. Setup takes minutes and starting a video call takes seconds
  • 1080p video
  • Auto Escalating – Accept incoming calls or select a contact to add to your call on the fly
  • Record meetings and be able to stream those recordings to others during a call
  • Onscreen icon menu with a simple remote for navigation
  • Calendar integration
  • 10x zoom camera as well as preset camera focus points
  • Touchscreen phone operator
  • Advanced remote with quick shortcut keys

So many great features here, but in reality it’s a 1080p, simple to use, with an acceptable bandwidth, video conferencing unit. At it’s core you won’t find anything that’ll do what LifeSize can do for the very affordable cost. Check out the quick video below.

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