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A Secure & Fully Managed Georedundant Data Center Solution For Your Network Infrastructure


  • With ATI’s Cloud Computing Services, onsite connectivity and storage has never been easier

    If you bought brand new onsite data switches, servers, email platform, laptops, and data storage for your organization, how much would that cost? How much time would it take for your staff to implement, maintain, and monitor? Every few years you’d have to update the equipment and licenses, and you would always be susceptible to a single point of failure should the worst happen. These examples are the obstacles businesses had to tackle for the past 20 years; however, that is all about to change with the emergence of high speed bandwidth at a relative low cost thanks to ATI’s cloud services.

    What is the big deal about cloud computing services? Imagine being able to forklift your entire server room and placing it into secure, geographically redundant data centers, never having to buy, upgrade, and manage ever again. By taking advantage of ATI’s cloud services, you are freeing up your IT staff to focus on priority projects, enabling remote workers to access all their information from any device, and all while on a monthly per user OPEX model.

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Put only what you want in the cloud & scale with the flick of a switch

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Overwhelmed? ATI offers a cloud computingservices hand-picked “Bundled” solution that gives you only what you need for your organization to communicate efficiently

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    We vet the nations top cloud solutions providers, and partner with only the best to provide you these first class computing services.

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