Disaster Recovery & Backup

It’s not a question of IF systems will fail, but when.
What’s your Disaster Recovery plan?

  • ATI has worked closely with Evolve IP, the leader in cloud solutions, to provide a cost effective, dependable set of products to protect the modern business. Our cloud-based Disaster Recovery services provides customers with data loss prevention and various business continuity options leveraging Evolve IP’s best-of-breed IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

    Key Benefits

    Real-time Backups – Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is backed up in real time and in the event disaster strikes we’ll – have it restored within 4 hours.
    All-in-One Solution – A single integrated solution for all your backup, disaster recovery, and data retention needs complimented with our 24x7x365 support.
    Cost-effective – No hardware to purchase. Scalable solutions grow with your needs and ensure you only pay for what you need, when you need it.
    Military-Grade Security – We are SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 Type II certified for ultimate data security.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Options

  • Physical Cloud DR



    Real-time server replication & failover between your systems & the cloud

    DRaaS DT (Double Take) provides real-time server replication and failover between customer systems and Evolve IP availability zones. The award-winning Double-Take software runs within the customer operating system, providing continuous data replication to the Evolve IP Cloud.

    • Monitors changes to all protected files and replicates only the bytes that change. Available between Evolve IP availability zones or customer location to Evolve IP.
    • Provides reliable DR for physical or virtual servers hosted anywhere in the world.
    • Is available for Windows and Linux and supports a diverse set of enterprise applications.
    • Ideal for customers who want to leverage the cloud for application-aware, immediate failover between computing environments.

    There are two deployment options for DRaaS DT:

    • The ‘one-to-one’ deployment option consists of one target server, dedicated to support one source server. Optimal RTO is achieved with this solution since all servers are provisioned ahead of the disaster recovery incident. RPO is maintained at near real time and the customer controls failover.
    • The ‘many-to-one’ deployment option consists of many source servers protected by one target server. Well suited for customers with RTO of up to two days, many-to-one requires minimal spend on target side infrastructure. RPO is maintained at near real time. Evolve IP controls failover.

    vmware to cloud



    A hypervisor-based replication product

    DRaaS ZT (Zerto) is a hypervisor-based replication product allowing customers flexibility and complete control over virtual machine replication, failover testing, failover and failback. Unlike traditional array-based replication and BC/DR solutions, DRaaS ZT is software only integrated in the VMware Hypervisor. It uses continuous replication and does not utilize snapshots, which can negatively impact your production environment.

    • Used between Evolve IP Availability Zones or between the customer’s VMware Hypervisor and the Evolve IP Cloud.
    • Employs the hypervisor for disaster recovery, enabling “virtual-aware” protection of mission-critical applications.
    • Allows customers control over their DR process through a flexible, self-service portal.
    • Is software-only and hardware-agnostic allowing customers to replicate from any type of storage to any type of storage.
    • Fully automates the entire failover and failback process, including creation of all VMs, reconfiguring IP addresses and executing custom scripts.

    There are two editions of DRaaS ZT available:

    • The Standard Edition provides 24 hour RTO and near real time RPO.
    • The Premium Edition provides 4 hour RTO, near real time RPO, and requires a 25% reservation fee for recovery resources in an Evolve IP availability zone.

    cloud backup



    Automated cloud backup & recovery services

    Most businesses collect, retain and transmit data on a daily basis – data that is critical to the success of their organization. The threat of data theft, natural disasters and hardware failures can result in a hard hit to a business’ bottom line, costing days of downtime, thousands of dollars and irreversible damage to an organization’s reputation. Evolve IP’s Cloud Backup is highly secure and reliable and scales to meet your business’ unique needs.


    • Quick Start – Set up is fast. And if you have a lot of data to backup initially, we can provide seeding services without tying up available bandwidth.
    • Automatic Backups – Evolve IP can schedule your backups to happen whenever you want, as frequently as you want.
    • Manage Local and Offsite Backups – Evolve IP’s flexible solution allows for any of your data to be stored online and/or saved to local storage, eliminating the need for a separate local-only backup solution.
    • Military-grade encryption – Files are secured in transit and at rest using 256-bit AES encryption and a private encryption key. SSL technology is used to manage the environment via self-service web portal.

    Unlimited Backup

    • No More Limits – Backup whatever you want and keep it as long as you want.
    • Off-site Storage – Data is stored in two, SSAE 16 Type II compliant datacenters with redundant storage and biometric security.
    • Robust, Flexible Archiving – Data-archiving settings allow historical data to be saved as long as you need and meet applicable compliance standards.
    • Multiple Device Support – Our solutions let you back up a single computer or server, multiple computers, laptops or even multiple offices.
  • As Seen In Network World
    Evolve IP’s DRaaS ZT is making the news as a favorite IT product of Leaf Commercial Capital in Network World:

    “The biggest benefit was the ability to reduce our overall recovery time objectives (RTO) from 48 hours or more to four hours or less with near real-time recovery points. We were able to do this while reducing our disaster recovery operational expenses. Additionally, our staff is lean and mean, and we’re now able to conduct a full disaster recovery exercise without leaving the office.”

    Author's imageRusty LorenzonLEAF Commercial Capital

    DR Dashboard

    Business Grade Quality

    • Multiple Revisions – Store an unlimited number of versions of the same file so there’s no fear of accidental deletion or overwriting a file.
    • Reporting and Notifications – Evolve IP can send you notifications that your backups have completed successfully, including detailed statistics.

    Coverage of All Data Types

    • Files and Folders – Recover from the accidental deletion of any document, spreadsheet, or folder.
    • Exchange, SQL and System State – Enable backup and recovery of Exchange, SQL data, and System State.
    • Virtual images – Backup & Restore full VM images from your premise VMWare or Hyper-V environment.
  • Plan ahead with your free Disaster Recovery checklist

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Why do I need a Disaster Recovery plan?

Data is more important today than ever; so naturally, everyone has a backup plan in case the unthinkable should happen. What is your disaster recovery plan? Does it involve geographically redundant secure data centers that can have you back up and running within minutes? Probably not, as most do not have the resources to implement such a large scale disaster recovery plan. That’s just fine, let ATI help! For our disaster recovery & backup plans, you decide what works best for you: Whether you want simple backup storage or a hot standby ready to take over at a moments notice, it’s all for just a simple monthly cost. The best part about our disaster recovery & backup plans? Eliminating the need to purchase and maintain your own backup storage devices – which would most likely be installed right next to the same infrastructure you’re backing up in the first place. Contact ATI today to get a quote.

  • 93

    93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.

  • 20

    20% of small to medium businesses will suffer a major disaster causing loss of critical data every 5 years.

  • 50

    Of those without a DRP, 80% that experience a significant data loss are likely to go out of business within one month.

  • 54

    54% of organizations spend less than $50,000 annually on DR and BC.

– Continuity Central

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