Network Services

  • Monitor & Manage your Network Devices from the Cloud!

    Your organization needs to be secure, safe from all intrusions, but maintaining and monitoring these device’s at your office requires an available IT staff. With ATI’s network services we can virtualize all of the required equipment in our redundant data centers to prevent outages and network downtime on your end. Let us setup, manage, and monitor the following in the cloud: Firewall, Web Security, VPN’s, & Network Devices.

    Contact ATI to learn how to make your network more secure with less manpower on your end.

  • network services


    • Fully Managed
    • Reduced Staffing Costs
    • Real-Time Monitoring
    • Reduced Downtime And Performance Issues
    • Web Interface
    • Device Monitoring

Internet Phone

Run an IP phone system through your current high speed internet connection. Learn more.

IM & Presence

SMS your employees on your corporate platform and know just who’s available here.

Click to Call

Utilize a desktop interface to click to call and drag and drop. Makes a world of difference for operators, and soft-phone users.


MS Exchange fully managed redundant cloud email platform – Learn more here.


Connect, share, and conference with remote workers and clients in a pay per user cloud model. Learn more.

Contact Center

Never manage an in-house contact center again. Learn how to put in all in the cloud.


Implement & manage Mirosoft Lync the easy way, from the cloud. Learn more.