Web Collaboration

  • Web Collaboration with coworkers & clients in the cloud!

    How does your company currently organize and produce tasks such as hosting webinars, training sessions, and online meetings? Utilizing third party software sometimes can be costly and require attendees to download and install applications for it to even work. Having your own physical conferencing device or server on site requires maintenance, and costly licensing bundles. Avoid all of that and host your web collaboration in the cloud on any desktop or tablet without download. ATI will provide you and your company the best web collaboration services. All the features below, plus the ability to share media, no more death by PowerPoint. Contact ATI for a web collaboration demo today.

  • web collaboration

Web Collaboration Features

    • Desktop Sharing
    • Video/Media Sharing
    • Works with your Internet Phones
    • Recording
    • Host large collaborative conferences

Internet Phone

Run an IP phone system through your current high speed internet connection. Learn more.

IM & Presence

SMS your employees on your corporate platform and know just who’s available here.

Click to Call

Utilize a desktop interface to click to call and drag and drop. Makes a world of difference for operators, and soft-phone users.


MS Exchange fully managed redundant cloud email platform – Learn more here.

Contact Center

Never manage an in-house contact center again. Learn how to put in all in the cloud.

Network Services

Virtualize your network devices in the cloud, while monitoring and managing all locations from any smart device. Check it out.


Implement & manage Mirosoft Lync the easy way, from the cloud. Learn more.