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A Combination of both CLOUD & ONSITE With Your Business Phones & Apps

Mitel Connect Hybrid

The Best of Cloud & Onsite UC


There are benefits to both a traditional onsite phone system and a hosted cloud solution. So how about picking and choosing the best of both platforms and deploying it under your terms. The best of both worlds has arrived. Also, Hybrid Apps – Put Scribe or Fax in the cloud and ditch the pesky premise equipment required for each location.

  • Singularly managed system

  • 4 Digit dial between both premise and cloud locations

  • Robust advanced application options, Call Centers, Recording, HD Video Conferencing

  • BYOD, communicate and collaborate on all smart devices

  • Manage remote satellite offices without an IT staff in the cloud

  • Utilize your experienced staff to support premise equipment at HQ

Mitel Voice & PBX Deployments

Mitel Connect Onsite

Traditional onsite equipment at your offices, but far from a traditional phone system. Still the #1 way to get the most features out of your phone system. Unified Communications, Contact Center, Mobility, Conferencing, and so much more. Partner with ATI and we’ll help you implement and support your system as you see fit.

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Mitel MiCloud Connect

Mitel’s cloud/hosted VOIP phone system offering. All the best features of the on-premise system, but installed and supported off site at a state of the art data center. This alleviates the work of your IT employees, while simultaneously providing system backup, disaster recovery, and all the newest equipment at your fingertips. Best of all no upfront Cap Ex, all on a monthly basis.

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Mitel Connect Hybrid Applications

Mitel Connect Hybrid Sites

Bring together Cloud & Onsite deployments for a singular system. – Revolutionary platform, only solution that provides a Hybrid option – Capex or Opex? Pick and choose depending on the deployment – Manage and connect to all sites with a single interface – A phone system to match your IT staff. Large Metro area HQ with a knowledgeable IT staff? Onsite. Smaller remote satellite offices? Cloud. Or however you choose. Together you have a Hybrid solution.

Mitel Connect Hybrid Apps

Add Apps to your current Onsite deployment – Available now, Fax & Scribe. Coming soon, Mobility, Collab & Conferencing, Contact Centers – Receive and send faxes all from your computer – No more waiting by the fax machine, straight to your inbox – Simple per user, per monthly fee

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How To Compare & Choose [eBook]

Onsite, Cloud, or Hybrid?

How to compare & choose the right UC solution for your business. In this eBook you’ll learn:
  • How an On-Premise PBX works & the benefits of this deployment

  • How a Cloud PBX operates & the reasons one might choose the cloud

  • How a Hybrid system works & the associated benefits

  • Things to consider when selecting your next PBX

  • How each deployment stacks up against one another

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