ShoreTel Connect Advanced Apps

  • ShoreTel Connect Advanced Apps

    Integrate the leading business applications into one seamless Unified Communications platform with ShoreTel Connect. Easily place calls, collaborate with team members, and tie your phone system into your CRM with ShoreTel Connect Advanced Apps. Applications include, but are not limited to:
    CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, RightNow, Sage ACT
    ShoreTel: Call Recording, Fax, Voicemail to Text (Scribe) & Virtualization
    Also Netsuite and Microsoft Lync
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  • ShoreTel Call Recording Advanced App

    Looking into purchasing, or already own a ShoreTel phone system, and need a recording solution? Well look no further, because you already own one.

    Perfect for contact centers, industries under stringent regulations, training purposes, or any business with customer service or fraud prevention priorities.  Here are some of the benefits the ShoreTel recording solution offers.

    • Set Record Profiles – based on extensions, schedules, % of calls, or other advanced filters
    • Archiving – Recordings can be saved in anywhere on the network, in multiple locations, or in VM boxes for simple and efficient playback
    • Playback – Web-based call recorder player allows for listening on phones and computers
    • Integration – Works with, ShoreTel Contact Center and other top business apps
    • Deployment – Cost effective recording solution that can be installed on multiple ShoreTel servers, and customized for innovative situations
    • Compliance – Announcement made before recording, Stop/Pause/Resume/Save/No Save record key

    The ShoreTel recording solution can record any calls that come through your phone system on your PRI/SIP/Analog lines to any direct number/Workgroup/Hunt Group/ECC with only the purchase of licensing and the appropriate server infrastructure. Contact your ATI sales rep, or fill out the form at the bottom to learn more.

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  • ShoreTel Virtualization

    ShoreTel demonstrates again that it’s at the forefront of the VoIP world with the way it empowers your IT workforce to deploy the ShoreTel solution, Virtualized.

    The ShoreTel Unified Communications platform can be installed on industry-standard x86 servers located on-site or at your Colo data center. This includes voice switches, and service appliances that can supports call control, conferencing/collaboration, and system administration.

    The best part is you can mix and match hardware and virtual wherever you see fit for your organization. Already have ShoreTel hardware? Put in virtual switches at new sites, whenever new hardware would have been needed, or simply as a failsafe should an issue occur.

    Give it a try for free. ShoreTel’s conferencing solution can be spun up on any virtual device for free. This will give you the ability to have a backend messaging client for IM’s in the workplace without any commitment to the full conferencing solution.

    This really is the future, and with ShoreTel It’s already here. Give us a call and we can discuss if the virtual environment is right for your phone system deployment in any fashion.

  • ShoreTel Connect Hybrid Scribe

    VM to text on any smart device

    Great for anyone needing to check voicemails during meetings or events
    VM’s go straight to your inbox and accessible from any smart device
    Get an audio .wav file delivered with your text
    Securely transcribed

  • ShoreTel Connect Hybrid Scribe

  • ShoreTel Connect Hybrid Fax

    UCaaS Fax Solution in the Cloud

    – Ditch the expensive & antiquated Analog/Pots lines
    Receive and send faxes all from your computer
    No more waiting by the fax machine, straight to your inbox
    Simple per user, per monthly fee

  • ShoreTel Connect Hybrid Fax

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