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  • ShoreTel Connect Cloud

    The Market Leader in Robust & Dynamic Cloud Phone Systems
    ShoreTel has taken its popular ShoreTel Sky deployment and retooled it with more than 4 million lines of new code to create its most significant release to date: ShoreTel Connect Cloud.
    What does this mean for you, the business consumer looking to supplement or replace existing business communication systems? It starts with new SIP-based phones, georedundant data centers, the ability to scale employees and sites with ease, and a modern user interface to create true unified communications.
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Of course, “cloud” is one of the most-hyped buzzwords in the technology market today — how do you know if adopting cloud business communications is the right choice for your organization? ShoreTel’s advanced UC solution and ATI’s best-of-breed support may be the ideal fit for you if:
  • You prefer your IT staff tackles key business initiatives rather than manage phones
  • You favor a monthly OPEX model versus costly upfront expenditures and regular hardware maintenance
  • You prefer a communications system that’s automatically updated with new features, security patches and improvements
  • You recognize the value of secure, georedundant data centers in addition to your onsite DR plan
  • You have a mobile workforce that needs access anywhere, anytime to your system across a range of devices
  • You need the ability to scale user numbers up or down on demand
If this sounds like you, the ShoreTel Connect cloud may be your best fit — as a Gold Champion ShoreTel partner, we’re authorized to sell, service and support complete cloud systems or serve you preferred apps a la carte; whatever works best for your business.

Key Features of the Connect Cloud

Just what are you getting when you adopt ShoreTel’s newest solution? Take a look:
  • Collaboration — Easily work with other staff members on site or off, thanks to ShoreTel’s crisp audio, secure messaging and HD video.
  • Mobility — Do your job from anywhere, anytime — ShoreTel’s new desktop client can be implemented on any smart device with complete-function parity.
  • Contact center — Make sure customers receive the ideal experience when they contact your company by customizing how calls are answered, handled and ultimately resolved.
  • Advanced apps — ShoreTel cloud solutions include high-value application add-ons such as call recording, virtualization, wireless, E911 and CRM integration.
  • Improved user experience — The Connect cloud makes it easy for staff to leverage your UC system with a modern desktop client, smart graphical interface and all-in-one unified communications.
  • Robust features — Personalize call routing with five handling modes; enjoy ergonomically designed desktop handsets and never worry about upgrades interrupting service since everything is handled in the cloud.
  • Managed services — Straightforward billing portal accessible from any smart device, white glove service and easy scaling make ShoreTel Connect cloud easy to set up and integrate.
  • Business continuity — Protect your data with multiple redundancy layers and an industry-leadings service level agreement (SLA).
Bottom line? If you want to compete in an increasingly digital marketplace, you need to communicate on the cutting edge. Consumers don’t want to suffer through poor call quality and cumbersome menus, while staff are fed up with legacy systems that don’t play well with new apps and can’t integrate with mobile devices.
The ShoreTel Connect cloud changes the game by unifying your business commutations platform into a single, adaptable solution that gives you complete control over audio calls, video conferences, security and mobile devices. IT staff are freed from the burden of maintaining legacy phone systems, while you gain the benefit of a single voice and Internet bill. Even better? You don’t shell out for hardware and there are no upfront costs — ShoreTel takes care of everything.
The cloud has arrived; don’t get stuck running outdated telecoms in an emerging digital market. Visit our on-site demo room and discover what ShoreTel Connect cloud can do for you and then give us a call — when you’re ready, we’re ready to get started!

Phones on the Desk, the rest Managed in the Cloud from any Device

No upfront capital expenses & onsite feature parity, why wouldn’t you be in the Cloud?

  • ICON - COLLABORATION 30K  400 X 300

  • Collaboration

    No pricey onsite hardware with ShoreTel Connect Cloud. Enjoy crisp audio, messaging, desktop sharing, & HD video all, on a simple easy to use desktop interface

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  • Mobility

    Utilize ShoreTel Connect Cloud to do your job from anywhere. The all new desktop client can be implemented on any smart device with complete functional deskphone parity

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  • 400x300_35opacity_Contact-center_0

  • Contact Center

    Phones are the lifeblood of your organization and with ShoreTel Connect Cloud you can control & customize from any device every clients journey from cradle to grave

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  • Advanced Apps

    Make the most of your ShoreTel Connect Cloud system with: Call Recording, Virtualization, Wireless, E911, & CRM integration such as Salesforce, or Sage ACT

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  • ShoreTel Connect Cloud 1

  • User Experience

    • Modern desktop & smart device graphical user interface for all ShoreTel apps
    • Smart features that allow you to connect easily with anyone with just a simple click
    • All-in-one UC means you have access to call control, mobility, SMS, video & collab
  • Robust Features

    • Ergonomically designed handset with 7 octaves of sound for HD voice
    • Personalize your call routing with 5 call handing modes, AA, VM, & MoH
    • Software upgrades won’t cause disruption as they’re done in the cloud
  • ShoreTel connect Cloud 2

  • ShoreTel Connect Cloud 3

  • Managed Services

    • Cloud portal for simple billing & management from any smart device
    • No plug & pray, white-glove service w/ all installs, & a help key on all phones
    • Scale your operations up & down with the season & pay only for what you need
  • Business Continuity

    • No single point of failure with redundancy at the network & application layers
    • Leverage a ShoreTel voice circuit with your own bandwidth for call traversal
    • Have peace of mind with the best in the industry service level agreement (SLA)
  • ShoreTel connect Cloud 4

If you want to be a modern company you must communicate like one

Learn below on how the industry leading ShoreTel Connect Cloud works

  • ShoreTel Connect Cloud: Clear crisp VoIP Audio, HD Video, IM & Presence, Mobility, Collaboration & Conferencing, Cloud Contact Center, CRM Integration, Call Recording, Georedundancy, & a Desktop User Interface

    Connect CLOUDWith a proven Unified Communications platform above all others, ShoreTel is one of the fastest-growing players in the IP cloud market share. So while the choice is abundantly clear as ShoreTel, the deployment will vary between Cloud, Onsite & Hybrid.

    Chances are if you’re reading this you’re not a phone vendor. You’re level of expertise lies elsewhere, and while you may have a very experienced IT staff, freeing them up for other operations would be greatly appreciated.

    While there are still phones on desks (If you choose) the actual phone system lies in ShoreTel’s secure data centers with georedundant backups throughout the USA. This means that your ShoreTel system will be both hosted and managed for superior call quality.

    ShoreTel Connect CommunicatorTake advantage of all ShoreTel’s great offerings, including Unified Communications, Mobility, Contact Center and Conferencing without purchasing the expensive hardware all at once. With no upfront costs and for just a monthly by user and feature fee, you pay for only what you want.

    Forget about your voice and internet bills as well, it’s all bundled into the monthly ShoreTel Cloud cost. And should your data connection go down for whatever reason, your calls can be routed to your cellular devices.

    Get all the reliable features of a national Cloud VoIP telephony leader, while getting the trusted local personable service of ATI. Why read about it though, when you can try the features for yourself at ATI’s on-site demo room.

  • VoIP Ebook

    Cloud has all the hype, hybrid is up and coming, but what about the tried & true Onsite VoIP PBX? Check out this eBook to learn about each & figure out what is right for your business.

  • Onsite, Cloud, Hybrid?

    How to compare & choose the right UC solution for your business. In this eBook you’ll learn:

    How an On-Premise PBX works & the benefits of this deployment
    How a Cloud PBX operates & the reasons one might choose the cloud
    How a Hybrid system works & the associated benefits
    Things to consider when selecting your next PBX
    How each deployment stacks up against one another

    Download Here

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