ShoreTel Installation and Service


ShoreTel, an IP Phone system manufacturer, and unified communications leader is rapidly becoming the favorite amongst consumers and resellers in Chicago and across the country. With all of ShoreTel’s success we’ll be honest; we’re not the only game in town. However we are extremely proud to convey that we are one of the few Shortel partners to have achieved rank in ShoreTel’s yearly designation of the “Circle of Excellence” This award is given out each year based on sales and customer satisfaction to the top 10 ShoreTel dealers in the world!

As a designated ShoreTel Gold Champion partner we have the ability to sell, install and support all of ShoreTel’s offerings, including Premise, Cloud, Contact Center, Conferencing and Mobility products in Chicago and worldwide.

ShoreTel’s suite of products is inherently brilliantly simple as they were born from a clean sheet of paper, no old technology legacy products to adapt to. Pure VOIP, with the best ROI in the industry, and we’re excited to bring it to you.

ShoreTel Connect Onsite

Traditional onsite equipment at your offices, but far from a traditional phone system. Still the #1 way to get the most features out of your phone system. Unified Communications, Contact Center, Mobility, Conferencing, and so much more. Partner with ATI and we’ll help you implement and support your system as you see fit. Click here to learn more.

ShoreTel Connect Cloud

ShoreTel’s cloud/hosted VOIP phone system offering. All the best features of the on-premise system, but installed and supported off site at a state of the art data center. This alleviates the work of your IT employees, while simultaneously providing system backup, disaster recovery, and all the newest equipment at your fingertips. Best of all no upfront Cap Ex, all on a monthly basis. Click here to learn more.


Use an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry device to conduct your business operations. Make calls, send instant messages, and get instant status reports on your employees through the cellular or local wi-fi network. Your smart device is now your business device, and your customers will never know the difference. Click here to learn more.

shoretel-contact-center-smEnterprise Contact Center

From a 5 person operation to a full floor contact center over multiple locations, ShoreTel puts the productivity tools in your hands. Enhanced call routing, chat or email, IVR, outbound dialing, Unified desktop client for users and supervisors and a magnitude of cradle to grave reporting options. Click here to learn more.

ShoreTel-conferencing-ati-smConferencing & Collaboration

How much are you spending on third party conferencing solutions? ShoreTel gives you the all the tools you need to host your own conferences in-house. From traditional voice calls to desktop sharing and presenting, bring together up to hundreds of customers and employees on your schedule. Click here to learn more.


That’s right, no more gateways, switches or service appliances necessary. Host your entire ShoreTel solution in house or at a Colo entirely on your own servers/VMware. Mix and match hardware and virtual wherever you see fit. For a limited time only, ShoreTel’s conferencing solution can be spun up on any virtual device for free. Click here to learn more.

ShoreTel RecordCall Recording

Did you know that ShoreTel has a built in call recording platform all ready to go, with no extra appliances needed to be purchased? Start recording your calls for: Training, Compliance, Contact Centers, or just better overall Customer Service with only the additional of licenses and the appropriate server infrastructure. Get a free trial of ShoreTel recording right now, and see if it works for you. Click here to learn more.