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SD WAN For Enterprises

Velocloud NSX SD-WAN for Enterprises offers clear advantages for very large and multinational organizations with thousands of existing branches, long-term contractual provider agreements, global reach and substantial infrastructure investment.


Current Enterprise WAN Challenges

  • Expensive Bandwidth – Delivering increased bandwidth to meet enterprise application growth is expensive, time consuming and comes with long lead times.
  • Branch Complexity – Increases in distributed offices, agility demands for existing offices, and the explosion in applications and services has made branch offices complex to deploy, upgrade, manage and maintain.
  • Rigid Architecture – Traditional WAN designs are optimized to back-haul branch traffic to data center applications using closed networks relying on restrictive class of service assignments.


How Your Enterprise Will Benefit


  • Inexpensive Bandwidth – Transform inexpensive broadband Internet into an enterprise grade secure WAN without a data center head-end while improving the performance of your existing WAN.
  • Reliability & Performance – Maximize throughput, reliability and performance of private MPLS and broadband Internet with application steering and link impairment remediation technologies.
  • Cloud Service Access – Your wide area network can now securely, reliably and pervasively meet your cloud applications and services where they live — in the cloud.
  • Service Insertion – Seamlessly insert services such as security, optimization and collaboration in the cloud and in the branch office on the NSX SD-WAN Edge.

[Whitepaper] Learn how SD-WAN addresses the unique challenges of the enterprise, pervasive never-static networks.

Scaling Enterprise SD-WAN Deployments



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