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An Overview on how to Migrate from 14.2 to ShoreTel Connect

  • What Is ShoreTel Connect?

    ShoreTel Connect is the all new software release that replaces 14.2. The code at it’s root is brand new, the switches have been upgraded, phones modernized, Director improved, and most notably the Communicator now the ShoreTel Connect Client has been restructured to increase productivity and communication.
    ShoreTel Connect superior reliability, scalability, security, and ease of administration dramatically reduce the resources allocated to communications, delivering industry-leading TCO and ROI.
    ShoreTel Connect single platform and systems view provide the simplest way for IT to deploy, manage, and maintain business communications (UC) for ONSITE, CLOUD, and HYBRID (mixed) environments.
    The ShoreTel Connect unique, intuitive client and collaboration applications mean your teams and customers can spontaneously share the most engaging, productive, dynamic collaboration experiences.
    ShoreTel Connect Contact Center’s simple integration with business applications and workflows increases agent productivity, customer loyalty, and company sales.


Download the Connect Planning & Implementation Guide Here

Why Should I Migrate to ShoreTel Connect from 14.2?

Simply put, because ShoreTel’s legacy 14.2 software is going End of Life (EoL) and End of Support (EoS) in June of 2018. Which means yes you can wait till then if you’d like to make the migration but your organization may have one caveat. The older full-width SG switches (SG-40, 60, 120, T1) are going EoL in December of 2017. Which means by January 1, 2018 the migration should take place to remain under support. (Alternative to Connect Migration Here)
shoretel-connect-communicatorHowever besides the time constraints there are many reasons that you should make the migration.
Revolutionary new architecture: If your company is thinking about deploying onsite and cloud sites as a single cohesive hybrid environment, Connect is the only way to get there
Intuitive all new Connect Client allows you to IM, conference, and reach out to coworkers and customers with ease all from one single desktop client
Agile platform with monthly bug fixes
Uniformity between Mac & PC users
Licenses Bundles – Connect includes extension, mailbox, connect client, softphone, mobility, collaboration, and web dialer all under their Standard license for much less then if you were to buy each individually under the 14.2 license structure
Director upgrade and ease of navigation

Should I wait to Migrate?

If any of the below match your current ShoreTel setup, make sure to consult with an ATI ShoreTel engineer before going through with a migration, as more intricate details will have to be addressed.
I have the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center
I use the VPN concentrator
I have any of these switches. SG-40, SG-60, SG-120, SG-T1 (Not SG-T1k)
My ShoreTel server is prior to Windows 2008 or is not 64 bit

Things To Consider About the Migration

 This is considered a platform migration rather than a simple upgrade from 13.2 to 14.2. All equipment and software will be addressed at the same time
shoretel-onsite-diagnostics End-Users & Admins will be using an all new desktop interface that will require training (Connect Client & Director)
 Licenses will transfer at no cost, a new license structure will be available on Connect
 Server may need to be upgraded as well as switches
New phones, switches, and licensing will be available on Connect
Conferencing at Mobility will stay the same
Contact Center will be different
Why Migrate With ATI?
  • ICON - COLLABORATION 30K  400 X 300


    ATI’s experienced trainers will conduct the necessary remote and onsite training to support your admin’s and end-users transition to Connect. Unlimited access will be provided to video on demand training for further knowledge.

    Refresh your current ShoreGear switches, or 200/500 series phones in conjunction with a migration and you’ll get a discount on the installation of all new ST switches and 400 series end-points.
  • 400x300_35opacity_Mobility

  • 400x300_35opacity_Contact-center_0


    ATI will provide a half day of onsite support for the first go live day of Connect. Have the peace of mind that things will transition smoothly even if everyone didn’t pay attention during training.

    As a current ShoreTel Gold partner and past Circle of Excellence winner ATI has been through many migrations in our over 30 years in existence. Rest assured our talented and diverse staff can complete the migration with ease, on your schedule.
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ShoreTel Connect Video Guide

  • Communicator-Connect Client

  • Recent Calls

  • Forward Calls

  • Contacts

  • ShoreTel Director

  • Mobility




2 Delivery Choices, 3 Deployment Options

  • Migration Alternatives –
    Move To Cloud Promo

    Don’t Want to Migrate To Connect? 

    For existing ShoreTel on-premises customers migrating to ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, ShoreTel is pleased to offer trade-in incentives valued at over 25% of customers’ initial capital investment.

    The program applies to existing ShoreTel customers only.
    For customers migrating their ShoreTel on-premises gear to ShoreTel CLOUD with a 3-year term
    commitment, ShoreTel offers the following credits and discounts for qualifying CLOUD profiles with
    phone rentals, replacing on-premises system users:
    50% discount on JumpStart or 25% discount on ExpertStart installation – value of $25 per profile, or higher
     $25 credit toward each newly created Telephony, Essentials, Standard, Advanced, Education Pro, Education Pro Plus Telephony profile on first customer bill for that profile
     $75 credit per Telephony, Essentials, Standard, Advanced, and Education Pro Plus Telephony profile, pro-rated over the 3-year contract term
     $125 in total trade-in discounts and credits or higher, per qualifying profile
    Larger multi-site customers may migrate their entire on-premises system to ShoreTel CLOUD in phases over time without disadvantage.
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