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 24x7x365 Hardware, Software, and Labor Support for ShoreTel Systems in the Chicago Area

ShoreTel Support


Your choices include “Total Customer Care” support where we will completely manage and support the system, and “Essential Customer Care” level where we complement your resources or for our telephony customers with legacy (older) systems.

Your choice depends on how strategic your ATI solution is and the level of internal resources you choose to devote to it. In addition, you have the choice of prepaying at a discount and locking in your ongoing support costs for additional terms.

Highlights of our support agreements include the following.

  • On call priority support for major malfunctions

  • Parts & Labor coverage to restore any malfunctioning equipment to working order

  • Remote programming & preventative/remedial maintenance

  • Software Assurance and upgrades

  • Yearly on-site user & webinar admin training (With “Total Customer Care” only)

  • 20% reduced labor rate charge for work performed outside of the support agreement

  • Centralized service, 630-577-2700 to call or www.aticti.com to report all of your service and technical requests, which ensures fast, effective reporting and resolution.

Hours Per Day

Currently Support Businesses

Supporting Customers For Years

ATI ShoreTel Support Plans

Total Customer Care

24x7x365 Hardware, Software, Labor Training Moves, Adds, Changes Labor Discount

Essential Customer Care

M-F Business Hours Hardware, Software, Labor Moves, Adds, Changes Labor Discount

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How To Compare & Choose [eBook]

Onsite, Cloud, or Hybrid?

How to compare & choose the right UC solution for your business. In this eBook you’ll learn:
  • How an On-Premise PBX works & the benefits of this deployment

  • How a Cloud PBX operates & the reasons one might choose the cloud

  • How a Hybrid system works & the associated benefits

  • Things to consider when selecting your next PBX

  • How each deployment stacks up against one another

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