Skype For Business

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    What is Skype for Business?

     Skype for Business, formerly known as Lync is a communications tool that allows you to connect with co-workers, and customers around the world

     Multiple mediums including IM, Voice, and HD Video

     Set your presence controls and see when others are available, out of office, or in a meeting

     A collaboration tool that allows you to share your screen and MS docs with your team

     Integration of Skype with your Office 365 suite

     Enterprise VoIP PBX Solution (Supposed to Be)

    Office 365 with Voice

    Combine all your essential work applications with your business phone system

  • The Problem With Skype For Business


    Phone call and audio issues

    Auto Attendant has trouble transferring calls

    Trouble signing in and service unavailability

    Support is a nightmare, issues aren’t resolved, you’re valuable time is wasted talking to tech support, communication is severely lacking

    Minimal assistance with implementation

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The Solution

CallTower Complete For Skype For Business

An enterprise reliable cloud phone system with native integration into
the Skype for Business client

CallTower Complete for Skype for Business empowers users to communicate securely anywhere
they have network connectivity and automatically adapts to network conditions.
 24/7/365 US Based Support
 Recording for calls, IM’s and videos
 Contact Center with seamless integration
 Ties into
Manage Cisco, Microsoft Skype for Business, Email and Conferencing solutions from one simple mobile or web application
 Price per user is on par if not lower than other leading cloud phone providers
 Can be added on-top of any MS license (E1, E3, E5)
 Essentially this allows you an alternative for purchasing the E5 voice license, that actually works as advertised with no known difference to your end-users – Learn More…

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MS Enterprise Agreement

What can I do if I’m locked into a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?

  • Most likely if you’re under a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) you’ve come to realize that their tier 1 support isn’t up to par. Too much of your time is spent working on what should be simple issues. However there is a solution.

    Answer: ATI will take over your current EA and all support will go through our US based technical assistance centers. The cost being only an extra dollar or two per license.

    Contact us today to receive a quote and demonstration.

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