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Article by ATI Partner Bobby Beckmann, Chief Technology Officer – Lifesize

The presence and sheer simplicity of video in the consumer mainstream has fundamentally changed video in the workplace. People demand the same user experience from workplace technologies as they get from their personal technologies. So how does society’s progress toward smarter, faster and more scalable collaboration solutions redefine the future of video in the workplace, and what trends can we expect to permeate the way we work?

Five years ago, cloud architecture emerged as the biggest industry disruptor since the conception of HD. Today, companies offering a cloud-based video solution are taking advantage of new technologies to completely transform the way teams communicate. Here are a few technology trends shaping the future of video conferencing and leading to increasing levels of meeting productivity for everyone:

1. Office culture is transitioning to video-first
The availability of a seamless video communication culture in the workplace is now expected by the next-generation workforce. Video-first organizational cultures are finding new levels of competitive advantage with increased productivity, collaboration and employee engagement.

2. Meeting room technologies are converging
Another big trend we see taking over our everyday workflow is the consolidation of collaboration tools in the workplace. With the average business juggling 4.4 different collaboration technologies (audio, video, screen sharing, chat …) just to stay connected inside and outside of the meeting room, silo-style ways of working are slowly becoming a thing of the past. As meeting technologies converge, the end user experience will become even more seamless, making it easier to focus on the meeting at hand.

3. The rise of AI and machine learning
Features like voice recognition, echo cancellation and AI bot moderators are already making huge strides and disrupting how we work for the better. Not only is the rise of AI and machine learning freeing up resources, it’s also helping simplify the way we communicate. On the administration side, meeting-habit data and machine learning can do so much in aiding the monitoring of networks and endpoints for enhanced reliability and performance.

At Lifesize, we not only understand the power of connecting people to make the workplace great — we are also trailblazers in the video conferencing and collaboration industry. We were the first to introduce HD more than a decade ago, and we continue to pioneer the future of video communication to strengthen face-to-face relationships. Our app for desktop, mobile and browser delivers high quality video that you can depend on, and our industry-leading conference room camera systems provide the very best quality video and content in every sized meeting space.

Article by ATI Partner Bobby Beckmann, Chief Technology Officer – Lifesize

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The Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions is out!

StarLeaf is one of 13 vendors to make it into the MQ. We believe this is a great achievement particularly as Gartner uses several inclusion and evaluation criteria for a vendor’s “Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision”.

We see their inclusion as a testament to our customers’ endorsement of the StarLeaf experience. Ease-of-use and simple management of our premium meeting room solutions, coupled with our exceptional quality of service, is fueling the adoption of StarLeaf across the enterprise.

As of September 25, 2018, StarLeaf has received a 4.7 out of 5 rating for its meeting solutions platform on Gartner Peer Insights. In May 2018, an Assistant VP, MIS said, “Great solution, worked out of the box. Only solution tested that worked in the lab without any configuration”, and in July 2018, an IT Architect and Change Manager said, “Deployment has been very easy to work, user experience is very good, administration of the product is very simple.”

StarLeaf helps businesses around the globe increase productivity, accelerate decision-making and achieve better results, so that staff spend less time in meetings and more time focused on the business.

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