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If you had to guess, how long would it currently take you to obtain a true cradle-to-grave report for any given call? Hours? Never?

Your company has made an excellent investment in purchasing the ShoreTel phone system. This system is so much more than just dial tone to your desk. It has the capability of being a truly strategic asset for you organization.

But being a strategic asset includes being able to use all of the system, including tapping into the vast amount of data that the ShoreTel system collects to gain valuable insights. With Brightmetrics, it’s easy to get information to the people that need it in the format that makes the most sense for them. The entire service is web based, all that is needed is a web browser, a user name and a password. In addition, Brightmetrics offers the most powerful ShoreTel automatic report scheduling system in the industry.


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    Manage Your Customer Experience

    Do you need to manage your customer’s experience when you touch customers on the phone? For most companies, the greatest number of customer touches happen through the phone system. These touches can be positive, neutral or negative. Do you really know what the experience of your customer is when they call your company? Are they transferred unnecessarily? Do they get to the right person quickly and on the first try? How long do they wait on hold? You may even be over-staffing your groups. If there is elasticity in your call groups queue times (i.e. Customers are willing to wait longer than they are), then you could be saving a significant amount of money in those groups that could be better spent in other areas to improve customer service. BrightMetrics helps you to build stronger relationships with your customers by enabling you to understand their experience when they call your company.

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    Manage Employee Productivity

    Do you need to manage employee productivity for those whose job it is to be on the phone? The productivity of your employees is a direct relationship to how productive your company is. But what is employee productivity? If you run a customer service group it comes down to how effective your agents are at assisting your customers. This includes how long it takes to handle a call, what percent of calls are handled on the first touch as opposed to ones that need to be transferred to other parties, or many other factors. If you manage an inside sales group productivity (leads, sales, etc) comes from numbers like how many calls they make, how consultative they are in the process (correlating to how long they are on a call), or any number of other metrics. The end result is that you may know who the top performers are in your group, but Brightmetrics allows you to quantify what makes them a top performer and where other agents need to improve in order to get them to that high performing level. With Brightmetrics you’ll not only know where things are running smoothly but also where you need to focus your efforts in order to dramatically improve employee productivity.

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  • Within 5 minutes of installing Brightmetrics’ ShoreTel Reporting Services we were able to clearly see where we could reduce costs by thousands of dollars each year through trunk savings. Because it is cloud-based there is nothing for us to administer, and it is incredibly easy to use. Now we use it daily to manage productivity and maintain our high levels of caller satisfaction
    Ari Piotrkowski - Senior IT Technician
  • We depend on a great customer experience to keep race fans coming back to our NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA and many other events. That experience often starts on the phone with our ShoreTel phone system. We depend on Brightmetrics to deliver key data to track sales volume, operator activity and trends. Brightmetrics shows me how busy our call center is, how I need to staff it, what our call flow looks like on an hourly basis and much more. This data ultimately helps us facilitate and deliver world class events and until now we have never been able to get this kind of information.
    Gary Phillips - VP, Ticket Sales & Customer Relations

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BrightMetrics takes data security very seriously. Learn about the multiple levels of protection so that your data is never exposed

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