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CIO Survey Report Fall 2018

ATI is committed to providing our customers with valuable information that keeps them in front of new technology. We surveyed hundreds of CIO’s from several different industries, asking them about their current technology and future needs. We talked about everything from their technology assessment cycle to their disaster recovery plans.

What we’ve learned can help you align your business initiatives with the state of the industry. Below are some of the key insights we uncovered:

  • It’s not a surprise that security assessments or improvements top the list of technology priorities in 2019. Also on the list are server migrations or cloud deployments as well as Office 365 or Exchange migration and management.
  • Nearly 40% of customers surveyed need help designing their security plans, and less than half assess their breach plan annually.
  • Roughly 25% of the customers surveyed indicated they were solely dependent on physical backup for their disaster recovery protocol.
  • Contact Center Solutions are only being used by 6% of the end-users surveyed.

By listening to our customers, we can say with confidence that security and cloud migration possess the greatest avenues for growth. Together, we can help secure your success not just this year, but in the upcoming years as well.

To get a more in-depth look at the data we gathered from our customers, you can download the report here.


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