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Data and Telecom Service Contract Renewals

Things are changing, and I’m sharing a quick tip with you that our IT clients are finding crucial for success.

One date hits the calendar every 3 years that’s CRUCIAL to your IT infrastructure. It’s when your data and telecom service contract expires. IT networks only operate as smoothly as the fiber roads they run on. But there are SO many choices with Carriers (and many are bad)!

So We Vetted 70+ Carrier and Cable Suppliers in Your Region

You can now get the best carrier, with the best technology, and the best track record for your vertical. We’ve already vetted the top 70. We can help you narrow down from there based on your business.

Group Purchasing Power Means LOW COST

Our group buying power allows for competitive pricing when compared to going Carrier-direct. One partner in our ecosystem achieved 5 times the bandwidth for the same pricing offered by their previous carrier.

But Strategy is the Glue. And We Already Know Your Business from the Inside

Most Carriers or Cable companies want to sell you their solution. And some will sell you promises they can’t keep…costing you money and time up front and for the next 3 years.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a seasoned team who creates your 3-year strategy, helps you choose from the 70 best vendors, and helps you manage the implementation? We’ll also handle your escalations if there are problems.

You Get a Free Strategic Data and Telecom Network Analysis

Call me today and we’ll give you a custom Strategic Network Analysis. You’ll want to make sure your multiple locations, resource-hungry applications, and IT infrastructure all run quickly and securely. Call or email me to setup a 1 hour phone call. My team and I will help you begin to budget and plan your network services blueprint for the next 3-5 years.


Even if you don’t work with us, make sure you plan your IT strategy around this date. We’re finding it to be more and more important for IT departments.

Learn more about ATI Carrier Options.


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