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Enterprise Grade Managed

DDoS Protection

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Managed DDoS

Configuring and managing enterprise-grade DDoS protection takes a lot of time, talent and knowledge. And unfortunately, some DDoS protection solutions can degrade the performance and availability of your website and applications. That’s why US Signal has partnered with Cloudflare, a leading website performance and security company, to offer Enterprise-grade DDoS Protection.
  • Fully Managed

  • DDoS Protection

  • Website Performance

What's Included

Fully Managed - US Signal's enterprise-grade DDoS Protection is fully managed. 

  • US Signal handles all configuration and deployment, freeing up your internal resources.
  • 24/7/365 support through the US Signal Technical Operations Center
DDoS Protection - Get always-on protection from volumetric and application-level DDoS attacks for websites, applications, and non-web-based TCP applications.

  • Cloud based and scalable
  • Backed by a 100% uptime SLA
  • PCI and HIPAA compliant; GDRP friendly
Website Performance - Our knowledge with Cloudflare's network means your websites and applications load lightning-quick.

  • Fastest DNS, Global CDN, advanced edge caching
  • Direct peering with the US Signal fiber network
  • Code minification, lossless image compression, AMP compatibility
  • Prioritized routing and dedicated IP's
  • Customers who host their websites and applications in the US Signal Cloud get the added benefit of multiple direct peering locations between our fiber network and Cloudflare’s network.
  • Available for websites and applications hosted on on-premise, colocated, and cloud-hosted servers

Downtime can affect bottom line up to and over $300k/hour (Gartner)


DDoS attacks in Q4 2015 spiked 40% from previous quarter


A DDoS attack can be purchased for as little as $5


Longest DDoS attack in Q1 2016 lasted for 8 days

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  • Outside/In approach

  • Pen Tests & Assessments

  • Once inside the organization implement some/all of the following:

  • Firewall

  • IDS/SPS (Either on FW or separate device)

  • AV

  • SIEM Solution

  • Filters (Various - Web, Content, SPAM, etc.)

Retail Payment Card Services

When you use third party software or devices like POS Systems, medical devices etc. you are as the mercy of the levels of security the vendors have built into them. If they make a mistake it can cost, you.


Healthcare HIPAA Security

Healthcare attacks are on the rise. Learn how to protect your patients from these threats.


Enterprise Security Monitoring for the Financial Industry

Why, in 2014, does it seem that companies started falling victim to hackers left and right? These were not ordinary companies but major retailers to banking institutions all with large security budgets intended to maintain our financial security.

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