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Employees use devices to access a remote, virtualized cloud desktop running in a data center

Your Business Apps On Any Device

With exponential increases in global bandwidth and computing power, cloud services and work-anywhere environments are essentially required for companies to compete. In addition, data breach scandals and growing government regulations have necessitated a greater need for security and controlled access to the employee desktop.  

With traditional environments, all your secure info is stored at the edge. Sensitive patient data can be downloaded to USB drives by rouge employees. Laptops with critical documents on the hard drive can be left at bars or on the bus. Intellectual property source codes can be copied and pasted to personal devices. As an IT department, these kinds of catastrophic scenarios are extremely difficult to prevent. 

And setting security aside, your company may need to acquire new businesses, scale to seasonal business cycles, or manage fluid employee technology needs. Provisioning and deprovisioning computers can be time consuming and an inefficient use of top IT talent. 

The solution is Desktop as a Service, or DaaS.  

With DaaS, your local desktops move to the cloud. Instead of working with critical data and applications locally, your employees use devices to access a remote, virtualized cloud desktop running in a data center. End-user hardware doesn’t run your applications and data locally; it simply serves as a portal for secure application delivery from the cloud.  

While local desktops can be easily manipulated and hijacked, cloud desktops are resilient to malicious injection and ransomware. Applications and security holes can be patched at once, in the cloud, instead of individually across thousands of devices. And with the speed of bandwidth and computing power today, cloud desktops work quickly and smoothly. 

Users can safely bring their own devices.  Secure digital desktops can be set up or replaced within devices in minutes, unlocking the freedom to work without disruption, anytime, and anywhere. Access can be revoked instantly, with no footprints left behind on the local desktop, giving you complete security over your extremely valuable asset. 

In addition, 24 by 7 end user monitoring provides your management team with a powerful dashboard to ensure workplace productivity and security. 

Advantages of DaaS - Desktop as a Service

  • 24/7/365 Access To Desktop

  • Ease of Deployment & Scalable

  • Save on Company Laptops

  • Never Worry about Licensing and Upgrades

  • BYOD Ready

  • Text Hover

Desktop as a Service vs Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Considering outsourcing desktop management? You have choices. Learn the pros, cons, and differences between VDI and DaaS

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