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Digital Defense Security

Trusted ATI & AT&T provider of security risk assessment solutions, protecting billions of dollars in assets for clients around the globe.

Serving clients across numerous industries from small businesses to very large enterprises, Digital Defense’s innovative and leading edge information security technology helps organizations safeguard sensitive data and eases the burdens associated with information security. Frontline Vulnerability Manager™, the original Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) platform, delivers consistently accurate vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, while SecurED®, the company’s security awareness training promotes employees’ security-minded behavior. 

The Digital Defense Frontline suite of products, underpinned by patented technology and complemented with unparalleled service and support, are highly-regarded by industry experts, as illustrated by the company’s designation as Best Scan Engine by Frost & Sullivan, five-star review in SC Magazine and inclusion in CRN’s MSP 500.

Vulnerability Scan

Quickly, comprehensively and accurately assess endpoints and servers for operating system and application vulnerabilities.


Train & Engineer

Increase the security IQ of employees, contractors, and patrons to effectively defend against a security breach.


Penetration Testing

Assess your “network attack surface” and your “personnel attack surface”.


Dark Web Scanning

Cyber criminals have obtained valuable assets and are profiting from illegal trade on the Dark Web, introducing significant exposure and damage to orgs across the globe.

Vulnerability Scanning
What is on my network?

It all starts with having a scanner capable of quickly, comprehensively and accurately assessing endpoints and servers for operating system and application vulnerabilities.

Frontline RNA is powered by DDI NIRV™, regarded as the industry’s best scanning engine. Vulnerability scanning became a commodity long ago. And yet, finding the “signal in the noise” remains a challenge – even amongst well-known big brand solutions. What separates great vulnerability scanning services from run of the mill scanning is – in a word – accuracy. And RNA delivers unparalleled point in time scan accuracy through NIRV.

NIRV takes network and host scanning well beyond traditional approaches, enabling the discovery of critical flaws, new attacker techniques – even zero day vulnerability threats – missed by other engines. This is all made possible by its real-time event based tuning, which adjusts scanning depth as RNA learns more about hosts, and the network on which they reside. If you have any questions about our vulnerability scanning services, contact us.

Network Appliance

Preconfigured network based device used to perform network security assessments without requiring onsite staff

Frontline RNA

On-demand vulnerability management, network security assessment solution and network scanning tool that enables orgs to assess and manage risk

How do I assess where I’m exposed?

Penetration Testing

Performed by trained and certified security analysts utilizing a proven penetration testing methodology and industry best practices, we know how to get into the mind of a malicious hacker, and find weaknesses the way they do. Our proven and exhaustive security penetration testing process provides fast, cost-effective results – anytime and anywhere in the world. Test results reconciled with vulnerability scanning and network security assessment results directly within Frontline Vulnerability Manager – eliminates the need to wade through cumbersome reports that are difficult to manage and interpret. Performed remotely and transparently to your business operation.

Training & Engineering
Entertaining Security Awareness Training

As security awareness training can be dry and boring, we got creative and developed SecurED® in collaboration with award winning Hollywood comedy writers. The combination of serious and important guidance with fun, engaging characters achieves the “stickiness factor” required to achieve real results.

Social Engineering 

Social engineering is a type of cyber security attack that uses social engagement deception to convince individuals to provide confidential or otherwise valuable information to cyber criminals.
Frontline Social Test creates conditions and scenarios that lure personnel into engagement – just as if driven by a crafty cyber attacker. Techniques can include phishing calls, targeted emails, and more. Findings are used to educate employees on how to become more astute at discerning legitimate human engagement from trickery.

Frontline Cyber Threat Monitoring

Dark Web Scanning

Dark Web Scanning constantly looks for activities, campaigns, chatter and other behaviors of advisories as they are preparing a breach or conducting activities with the data that they have already retrieved. As soon as we discover information regarding your organization that is being discussed or transacted, or other pertinent information that is detected, you will receive an immediate notification from one of our Client Advocates describing the incident. Our service ensures you receive a review of the intelligence gathered from the assessment and recommendations to remediation activities that address the identified threats. Dark Web Scanning is looking 7x24 in the surface, deep and dark web, blogs, posts, etc.

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Protecting your business in the Digital Age [eBook]
Big Threats Bigger Responsibilities
The Reality: Security continues to simmer on the back-burner. 65% of companies believe they have appropriate in-house security measures in place, yet 80% have been victims of a successful cyber attack or breach in the previous year.

Learn where to start with this eBook.


Of SMB's that incur a security breach are out of business withing 6 months


Of security attacks and breaches are geared towards the SMB market


Of business security breaches are due to employee personal email accounts

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