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Your Servers In The Cloud

Ask yourself, why do I continue to house my data switches and servers on-site?

Is your on-site data switches and servers easy to scale, and update? What happens if your data room is destroyed? These are all great reasons to explore infrastructure as a service (iaas) in the cloud and have that peace of mind. Just think, for one set monthly cost you could have your sensitive info backed up in geographically redundant secure data centers. Your current switches and servers will be continuously updated automatically to the latest and greatest, and you don’t have to pay attention to the software licenses. The services also has everyone’s desktop exist in the cloud, so that you can access it from any device while rarely having to worry about computer issues. Best part, whenever you need to scale up, just make a quick call and within hours you can have new instances spun up.

How do you get started with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)? It’s simple really, Contact ati and we forklift your data room into the cloud, so all you have to worry about is an internet connection.

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Advantages of Infrastructure as a Service

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • Security & Compliance

  • Server Monitoring & Management

  • Geographic Redundancy

  • Reduced Costs For Hardware & Maintenance

Which One Are You?

No matter if you're in the beginning of your cloud migration, a focused expert, or anything in between, ATI has the 
resources and experience to optimize your infrastructure initiatives on your schedule.
Cloud Beginners

- New to cloud computing - Proof-of-concepts or initial cloud projects - Want to gain experience - Security first

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Cloud Explorers

- Multiple projects or applications deployed - Focused on improving and expanding their use of cloud resources - Managing costs and security

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Cloud Focused

- Heavily using cloud infrastructure - Looking to optimize cloud operations and cloud costs - Managing costs and security

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Analyze Current State

Inventory Analysis Network Dependency Billing Reports

Plan and Roadmap

Dependency Mapping Adoption Roadmap Modeling Resource and Skills Assessment Security Review


Security and Compliance Identity Management Execute Strategy

Infrastructure Cloud Strategies for Beginners

Review Current State

Plan & Roadmap

Identify Savings

Identify Cost Savings and Right Cloud fit

Migration & Risk

Why Companies are Moving
to IaaS 

Plan to close Enterprise DCs in 2 years


Migration to Cloud


IT Infrastructure Consolidation

Does This Look Familiar?

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Plan & Roadmap

Whose Responsibility?
- Lift and Shift
- Migrate Legacy Apps
- Do it right 1 time
- Avoid Costly refresh
- Could cost = $500-1000 per VM/App

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Differentiators vs AWS

What Do our Providers Offer vs AWS?

OS and Application Management (DBA)
Monitoring and Ticket resolution
Monthly account Review
Security Review and Augmentation
Evaluate and Optimize
Greater SLAs


Out of the Data Center Business

LOB - Cloud 1st

Time to Deploy


Aging Infrastructure

Simplified Deployment


Contact ATI

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