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The cloud for Legal provides the most advanced backup, failover, and recovery for your firm, and secure access to your applications from any device.

Cloud Computing for Legal & Law Offices

Legal firms require the highest level of security and accessibility for confidential client information.
The cloud for Legal provides the most advanced backup, failover, and recovery for your firm, and secure access to your applications from any device.
Data Security

Data like contracts, notes and billing information is remotely stored in a secure data center owned and managed by ATI, most likely leaving data more secure than it was in-house.

Disaster Recovery

Legal firms care immensely about the lifespan of data. Cloud for Legal and ATI's full redundancy ensure that your system is up and running, uninterrupted, even in a disaster situation.


With Cloud for Legal, you can hand off management to ATI and instead focus on what you do best: running your firm. This will lead to higher quality of work, greater client service, and business innovation.


Applications and data are accessible via the Internet across multiple platforms, browsers and devices. It’s easy to work on the go or from various locations because software is tied to the individual, rather than the device.


of law firms report having used cloud computing for law related tasks


of lawyers report personally using smartphones for law related tasks


of lawyers have tablets available for use in their firms

Backup In The Cloud

Law firms are reliant on the easy and fast retrieval of files to comply with standards and to make business operations simple. ATI’s Cloud for Legal eliminates the headache of data loss, and provides real-time backup and retrieval so that no matter what happens, your data is safe.

The cloud promotes easy information sharing between lawyers and clients by offering 24x7 access to documents and apps from any device, whether you are in the office, at home, or in court. With your critical data and applications hosted centrally in the cloud, your firm’s work will remain synchronized.

Cloud computing isn’t just more convenient. It’s also more cost effective than traditional hardware and maintenance. ATI with RapidScale’s cloud technology does not remain vulnerable, slow down over time, or require IT upkeep maintenance. Firms can now store client data, financial records, legal documents, and more on the cloud in a secure facility, instead of at risk in-house. This can all happen at a fraction of the cost.

Legal use of the cloud is increasing, as many firms are using it for some aspect of their business, whether it’s billing, time tracking, document storage, or a full-fledged law practice management software system.

Cloud Security

ATI with RapidScale delivers nothing but the highest quality protection for your data and information. We have equipped ourselves with the best-in-breed facilities to hold your sensitive information for safe, encrypted storage in our SAS70, SSAE 16 Tier 3, Class 1 data centers. Every one of our data centers feature on-premises security guards, key card protocols, biometric scanning protocols and around-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitor access. Our facilities are engineered to the highest of standards in order to ensure your business is running 24x7x365.

Cost Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is that it promotes greater optimization of IT resources and greatly reduces capital expenses and operating costs. Instead of building for maximum capacity, you can purchase cloud space with RapidScale’s pay-as-you-go model to meet your specific storage needs. With the cloud, you will never pay more than necessary. RapidScale’s cloud gives you automatic updates as well as eliminates the headache of hardware refresh.

CloudApps Integration

Our cloud integrates with these great finance apps and more. MyCase, Clio, ShareFile, Alfresco One, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics

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Regional Law Firm [Case Study]

"The issue was less about the law firm’s existing solution itself, and more about the level of support and the ability to be reactive.”

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The client was in the process of splitting away from its parent company. Upon splitting away from the parent company, the law firm was deeply unsatisfied with support and performance of their infrastructure. Its core line-of-business application was TrialWorks, a case management software system. Furthermore, they were hosting their production infrastructure out of a local data center with a local MSP.

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