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Cyber DNA

Managed Security

Managed network security is about more than antivirus and signature detection. True network security is about trustworthy visibility, detection, and response. 

Managed Security

It’s never the threats you see that cost you

ATI works with our trusted partners to provide an invisible detection layer, which watches both sides of your netowork, and everywhere your date moves, with an agile hunt team that detects attacks in minutes to an hour.

Key Benefits
  • Know When - Our personalized service goes beyond traditional detection and empowers our hunt team to protect your environment in record time and detect when things arent quite right

  • Know Where - With attacks accounding our platform looks deep into the packets moving across our network and listens for what should and shouldn't be there

  • Know How - Using our proprietary technology, we identify the source and cause of the compromise to help reduce risk exposure to your business and wasted time

ATI partners with Vigilant to deliver managed security through CyberDNA

Vigilant's managed security service, CyberDNA, takes a different approach to monitoring your company infrastructure through a proprietary, distributed network of passive network security sensors that we guarantee can show more about your existing attacks and vulnerabilities than any other product on the market.
  • FastDetection Times: Vigilant detects attacks in minutes to an hour! 98 days faster than the industry average.

  • Unlimited Incident Response: Hunt team support available on all threats at no additional cost.

  • Zero False Positives: Our dataset is trusted and accurate because attackers cannot see or manipulate our detection methods.

  • Around-the-Clock Service: 24x7 Network forensic analysis capability. 24x7 Full network recording DVR (PCAP) retention and detection.

  • Efficient Cost Savings: Vigilant replace multiple vendors with one solution and no expensive hardware purchases.

  • Proof of Vigilance (PoV): A five-day trial to experience the difference and value of CyberDNA

  • Continuous Consultation: Four (4) free quarterly assessments with our certified Hunt Team analysts.

  • Excellent Value: The highest quality service - advanced, effective, and attainable

With just 15 minutes of setup, CyberDNA gives you the fastest detection in the industry, better than that of Fortune 5 companies. 
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What is DDoS?

Short for distributed denial of service, DDoS attacks occur when a massive influx of web traffic from a multitude of IP addresses floods a machine or network resource. The network overloads with bogus traffic, causing all systems to shut down and preventing legitimate requests from being fulfilled. Implications - Revenue Loss, Productivity Loss, Reputations Damage, and Theft.

Identify the right network-based security protocols and solutions. DDoS mitigation techniques employed by best-in-class providers include:

  • Re-routing internet connections and "traffic-scrubbing" filters
  • Behavioral analytics and threat intelligence
  • Application Monitoring
  • Real-Time Reporting

With the growing rate of attacks, it's recommended for all businesses with public-facing IP addresses or DNS servers to have anti-DDoS emergency response in place.


Downtime can affect bottom line up to and over $300k/hour (Gartner)


DDoS attacks in Q4 2015 spiked 40% from previous quarter


A DDoS attack can be purchased for as little as $5


Longest DDoS attack in Q1 2016 lasted for 8 days

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Don't be apart of the next security breach

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  • Outside/In approach

  • Pen Tests & Assessments

  • Once inside the organization implement some/all of the following:

  • Firewall

  • IDS/SPS (Either on FW or separate device)

  • AV

  • SIEM Solution

  • Filters (Various - Web, Content, SPAM, etc.)

Understanding Next-Gen Managed Firewall

A majority of companies have some sort of firewall.
Many feel a false sense of protection and don’t even know the potential risks of insufficient armor.

The Device

A centralized virtual or physical appliance (usually an enterprisegrade Palo Alto or Fortinet device) now part of a monthly contract moving it from CapEx to OpEx. As needs grow and a larger device is required, scale the solution without having to purchase a new device.

Firewall Maintenance

Updates, patch management, change management and other maintenance is handled 24x7x365 by the vendor. This service will occur within an agreed upon SLA to ensure needs are met in an acceptable timeframe.


Continuous visibility into perimeter security for monitoring, logging and reporting, all done through a cloud-based portal. View data and analytics, assess trends, utilize logs for audits and compliance requirements.

Retail Payment Card Services

When you use third party software or devices like POS Systems, medical devices etc. you are as the mercy of the levels of security the vendors have built into them. If they make a mistake it can cost, you.


Healthcare HIPAA Security

Healthcare attacks are on the rise. Learn how to protect your patients from these threats.


Enterprise Security Monitoring for the Financial Industry

Why, in 2014, does it seem that companies started falling victim to hackers left and right? These were not ordinary companies but major retailers to banking institutions all with large security budgets intended to maintain our financial security.

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