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Mimecast, part of our CloudSecurity portfolio, offering leading email security and archiving services supported by ATI & RapidScale. Email is the #1 form of corporate communication, but it’s constantly under attack and can significantly impact productivity and business operations when it goes down. Mimecast provides cloud-based email management for Exchange and O365, including security, archiving & continuity services to protect your business mail.

Defend against advanced threats with Mimecast spam/virus protection, targeted threat protection, content control and data leak prevention


Access to your every day tools without disruption. Quickly and seamlessly switch to an available service and ensure email availability.


Gain long-term business insight, confidence, control and accessibility. Mimecast’s multi-purpose archiving is fully encrypted, immutable and redundant.


Inspect inbound, outbound and internal emails, while fighting phishing, ransomware, impersonation, malicious URLs /attachments and more.

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Mimecast Features

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S1 - Advanced Threat Security

Advanced Threat Security provides instant and comprehensive protection from the latest malware-less social engineering-based email attacks, often called CEO fraud, impersonation, whaling or business email compromise.

M2 - Cyber Security and Resiliency

The M2 CloudSecurity package, powered by Mimecast, offers comprehensive security and cyber resilience while remaining simple to deploy and manage. It includes targeted threat protection, data leak protection, content control, and mailbox continuity.

M2A - Cybersecurity and Resiliency with Archiving

Manage all the risks of email with Mimecast’s Cyber Security and Resiliency with Archiving package. Get targeted threat protection, archiving and continuity - all in an integrated service. The M2A is a centrally managed cloud solution that perfectly complements cloud email or replaces the disparate mix of software, hardware and services typically deployed to manage the risks of on-premises email.
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