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Manage the complete lifecycle of your devices from staging and deploying new phones to analytics and usage patterns.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

All available to you at no additional cost


Mobile Device Management provides you with administration of all your business’s mobile devices. Through our partnership with carrier partners and their Mobile Device Management and Communications Management Platform, you can manage the complete lifecycle of your devices from staging and deploying new phones to analytics and usage patterns.

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management
  1. Remove the painful and timely task of in-house management of mobile devices, plans, staging and kitting and maintenance.

  2. Get a single point of contact and bill for multiple carriers with cross carrier pooling included.

  3. Gain real-time views of spending patterns, forecasts, order tracking and more

  4. Minimal impact on service when switching between wireless carriers to MDM providers

  5. ATI performs ROI analyses, assessing mobility utilization often leading to 30% cost savings.

  6. Select from multiple platforms to meet each customer’s unique needs (Airewatch, SOTI, MobileIron, IBM MaaS).

  7. Ensure regulatory compliance and standards with strict user policies

Mobile Device Management Features

Monitor & Control:

  • Data usage and roaming

  • Fleet efficiency and device recovery

  • End-user and admin profiles

  • Reports

  • Security and alerts

  • Define rules for deployment

  • Distribute internal apps wirelessly

  • Enroll, restrict, and deploy devices

Gain real-time, comprehensive views of spending patterns,  variances and forecasts, company-wide asset distribution, billing history and more. Monitor tickets, procure and track orders, download reports, and manage invoices in record time.

  • Create new numbers & port existing

  • Check upgrade eligibility

  • Assign users to lines

  • Manage usage alerts

  • Change mobile number service state

A configurable ordering portal customized to best fit your  organization’s needs. End-users can select from a list of administrator pre-approved devices and provide client-defined variables to complete check out.

  • Device list

  • Quantity

  • Hierarchy-based approvals

  • Term length

  • End-user policy

  • Confirmation message

Support through quick response and resolution

  • Phone: 0-60 seconds

  • Email: 0-30 minutes

  • Web: 0-30 minutes

  • Time to resolve: 0-30 minutes

Affordable Cloud Phone System

Get a low cost phone system for only $15 per seat. Includes Yealink T42G phone, Unified Messaging, VM, Web Portal, many other standard features, and installation.


What's SD-WAN?

Prioritize bandwidth from any smart device. Replace MPLS for 1/10th the cost. Reduce WAN costs by 50% & Increase bandwidth by 400% with SD-WAN.


5 Ways Updating Your Phone System Drives Business Success

5 components to consider when evaluating your current phone system or a new communications solution

96.5% of Calls

Are resolved on first contact

3.5% of Calls

Require an escalation

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