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What exactly is a cloud phone system, and why should I move my phone system to the cloud?

Cloud Phone Systems


Gartner predicts that by the end of 2018 cloud phone systems will be the most prominent IT business expenditure.

Whether you know it or not, a large portion of your phone system is already there. We all know how important cellular and smart devices are to the ever advancing business landscape, and we can all agree that they are an integral part of many companies day to day operations. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to put a cell tower on top of your office building and install the switching infrastructure to support each employee, does it?

Of course not. You know your own industry front and back, you’ve been doing it for years successfully. So you can understand when you let an outside cellular company run & operate your employees mobile devices. It just makes sense from all aspects.

That’s exactly what cloud phone systems or hosted environments are. A proven safe and secure company, always technologically current, to run a select portion of your IT infrastructure off site at their location. Imagine if you did not have to buy and maintain new servers, data switches, phone systems, software bundles, and storage devices every few years. How could that free up your existing IT staff?

Putting your phone systems and services in the cloud also avoids the associated large capital expenses and puts it in a much more manageable monthly operating expense.

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How It Works

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What Is A Cloud PBX?

A Cloud or Hosted phone system is a full business VoIP setup that routes inbound/outbound calls while still offering advanced applications and integrations. (Call Center, Mobility, Collab, Recording, Video, etc…) Your phone system will be managed and maintained by professional telecommunication organizations in geographically redundant secure data centers. You don’t own any hardware, except perhaps the phones on your desks, and just pay a monthly fee for all your utilized services.


How Cloud Phones Work

Incoming calls will be directed to your chosen cloud provider’s data center then out to you through a groomed custom-made QoS guaranteed internet path to your office, mobile device, or home worker. Outbound calls work in reverse with calls directed from your desk to your Hosted PBX provider then out to your destination via their multiple PSTN connections, all in a fraction of a second.



Cloud phone systems utilizes all the features you’re accustomed to with your current system: 4 digit extension dialing to any coworker worldwide, call forward, Unified Messaging, (VM to Email) find me/follow me, 3-way conferencing, call holding, auto attendant, and so much more.

Choose Your Deployment
Where do we go from here?

We could go on of course for pages, but isn’t that what ATI, a Chicago cloud phone system expert is here for. Give us a call, or shoot us an email, and will begin to discuss with you how we can start migrating your business and phone systems into the cloud. Remember we don’t have to do it all at once, in fact we recommend one piece at a time, and what better way to start than with moving your phone systems to the cloud.

Which deployment do you think would be best for your organization. Advanced, 25+ users, or Basic, for under 25 users or schools/municipalities.

Advanced Cloud

25+ Users and/or Call Center, Mobility, Collab, Recording, Video, etc…

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Basic Cloud

25 users and under or schools/municipalities

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Affordable Cloud Phone System

Get a low cost phone system for only $15 per seat. Includes Yealink T42G phone, Unified Messaging, VM, Web Portal, many other standard features, and installation.


What's SD-WAN?

Prioritize bandwidth from any smart device. Replace MPLS for 1/10th the cost. Reduce WAN costs by 50% & Increase bandwidth by 400% with SD-WAN.


5 Ways Updating Your Phone System Drives Business Success

5 components to consider when evaluating your current phone system or a new communications solution

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