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Replace MPLS With SD WAN

Take Advantage of Software Defined Networking and Replace MPLS With SD WAN.

What if your organization had the opportunity to ditch your costly MPLS network and replace it with a solution at 1/10th the cost? What type of benefits would that provide?

  • No longer manage WAN connectivity in-house for multiple locations
  • Save on costly MPLS bills and long contracts
  • Remove reliance on a single carrier
  • Consolidation of disparate access technologies

What is SD WAN?

SD-WAN solutions employ centrally managed WAN edge devices placed in branch offices to establish logical connections with other branch edge devices across the physical WAN. These logical connections create secure paths across multiple WAN connections and carriers, such as hybrid Internet and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) architectures.” (Source: Gartner, July 2015) It is important to understand the difference between QoS with SD-WAN vs. QoS with MPLS where SD-WAN is relegated to prioritizing types of data packets, namely video, voice, critical data, and non-critical data, essentially, offering you 4 manage network distinctions.

Learn more about the basics of SD-WAN here.

How SD-WAN Replaces MPLS

Software Defined Networking improves network congestion through multiple internet circuits and the remote management of data flow. The web based interface allows you to set application-level routing profiles to prioritize mission-critical data down to the application layer, while providing QoE on individual applications. Optimize performance through packet routing across multiple connections, allowing for load balancing in the event of circuit critical failure.
  1. Prioritize Video, Voice, Critical Data & Non Critical Data on the fly based on your business
  2. Route individual packets across multiple low cost internet circuits. Giving you the reliability and speed of high cost solutions
  3. Deploy a single SD-WAN edge device in minutes at remote locations. No IT knowledge required.
  4. Route traffic through the device directly to your SD-WAN carrier in the cloud securely and in regulatory compliance

What’s Next?

With the ability to securely prioritize multiple types of data packets over your current low cost connections for a fraction of the price; SD-WAN will achieve exponential growth in the next 5 years essentially all but replacing MPLS. There are many different Software Defined Networking options out there, and ATI has vetted them to help you sift through the debris.

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