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The #1 Cloud Phone System Market Share By Customers In The World


Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in UCaaS

  • 350,000+ Business Customers – #1

  • 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant Worldwide Leader

  • $48M Annual R&D Spend

  • Global Coverage – 30+ Countries

  • 10+ Years of Innovation

  • 1,500+ Employees – 67% Customer-Facing

  • QoS, Georedundancy, Security, Scalability

Glip Collaborative Software - Included For All Users
Group Messaging • File Sharing • Integrations Task Management • Calendar • Notes

RingCentral Cloud Phone System

Discover why more businesses trust RingCentral for their cloud phone deployment more than any other in the world

Migrate your phone system to the cloud and utilize best in class, voice, mobility, application integration, & collaboration, on  a singular worldwide platform.
  • Simply and quickly manage users, device, and offices from any device with internet access

  • Online portal for users to easily manage settings and call handling modes

  • BYOD with familiar mobile apps, send and receive calls, texts, video’s and files just as if you were at your desk

  • Simple 3 tier pricing, no line items or hidden costs

  • Auto Attendant, Call Reports, Music on Hold, Desktop App, 4 Digit Dial, Directory, Find Me

  • Integrate with your business applications:, Google, Office 365, Salesforce

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RingCentral Glip

Connect & Share With Customers & Clients Like Never Before

I’ll be honest and a little biased here. Glip, RingCentral’s collaboration tool is my my favorite aspect of the RingCentral deployment. The ability to create individual project groups, invite coworkers and clients, have video/voice/text chats all while collaborating on live files, surpasses any team based tool to date.
  • Quickly connect with coworkers and clients eliminating email, much like text did with regular old phone calls

  • Jointly use your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or home computer

  • Integrate with your most used apps, Google, Dropbox, Zendesk, Outlook, OneDrive

  • Share and recall files with ease

  • Video conference and voice calls without using a phone

  • Setup a calendar and create and assign tasks to individuals or teams

Unlimited: posts, storage, integrations and guest users, with 500 minutes of video chat a month. You don’t even need a RingCentral phone system to use
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RingCentral Contact Center

Easy to use Cloud Call Center deployment with great dependability, forward-thinking characteristics, and clear voice, all for a cost that might come in under budget.

Why reinvent the wheel if you can make it more efficient. The integrated inContact cloud contact center is conformed to RingCentral’s Gartner Magic Quadrant cloud phone system with ease and effectiveness.
  • Simple 3 tier white glove pricing starting at $99 p/user with no separate fee p/communication channel

  • Inbound/Outbound agent reassignment, advanced routing, real time analytics, advanced routing, screen pops

  • Multiple choice of customer interactions including: email, web chat, SMS or social media

  • Geographic redundancy for essentially no down time

  • Scale up and down with ease

  • CRM integration for quick data integration

  • HD quality voice, test it for yourself here 800-921-4302

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RingCentral Global Reach

Connect your Global Workforce on a Single Platform

With RingCentral your global offices can connect to the same secure unified communications network, and take advantage of the same productive business phone applications. A uniform deployment for VoIP, IM, & Collaboration will allow your employees to connect like never before, all while eliminating much of your IT admin costs.
  • Administer your global phone system from a single, secure online portal with access to create users, telephone lines, and extensions to reach site, including those overseas.

  • Singular simple billing for all sites. All your locations on one monthly bill.

  • Save immediately on international IT costs and included international calling between offices

  • Remove worldwide onsite PBX maintenance costs, and dealing with multiple vendors for each country

  • Collaborate worldwide with Glip, and get everyone on the same page

  • New international and national sites can be turned up in less than a week

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