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NSX SD-WAN offers clear advantages for very large and multinational organizations with thousands of existing branches, large annual numbers of new and decommissioned branches, long-term contractual provider agreements, global reach and substantial infrastructure investment.

Addressing Very Large and
Multinational WAN Challenges

Very large and multinational enterprises require SD-WAN solutions that enable them to deploy flexible,
secure WAN connectivity that scales to their large numbers and sizes of distributed branch locations.

NSX SD-WAN allows global companies to build branch connectivity in a matter of minutes from a central location without truck rolls, eliminate the need for site-to-site VPN, and enable cloud access for all locations.

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NSX SD-WAN offers a unique multi-pronged approach to accommodate the needs of multinational enterprises as rely more on the Internet for wide area networking and leverage the cloud for applications and services.

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The adoption of cloud application and services by global enterprises is driving the need for cheaper, more available bandwidth. NSX SD-WAN economically increases bandwidth by aggregating all circuits to achieve optimal performance for cloud applications.

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Cloud Apps

NSX SD-WAN organically supports large enterprises’ increased usage of SaaS applications and IaaS by providing direct, optimized access to the cloud, prioritizing and steering application traffic, and tapping the benefits of inexpensive Internet bandwidth.

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Velocloud Enterprises SD-WAN Architecture
NSX SD-WAN provides a transport independent secure overlay enabling the use of broadband Internet with or without traditional MPLS, a cloud network for access to both enterprise and cloud applications, and a business driven orchestration layer for automation and virtual services insertion.
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DoyleResearch SD-WAN [Whitepaper]

Scaling Enterprise SD-WAN Deployments

Learn how SD-WAN addresses the unique challenges of the enterprise, pervasive never-static networks.

  • Simplified Management & QoS

  • Application Availability & Reliability

  • Architectural Flexibility

  • Platform Agnostic

IT leaders must choose a supplier which meets
 requirements for ease of implementation, centralized management, extension to the cloud, multi-tenancy, security, cost effectiveness and flexibility


Up to 30x More Bandwidth per Dollar


10 Times Faster Deployments


7 Times Total Cost Reduction

Retail Case Study

Retail company gains cloud security and high-performance SaaS access with SD-WAN. A large retail company solves the vexing complexity inherent in security, cloud resource access, and cloud application performance by going with a cloud-delivered, hosted management and gateway NSX SD-WAN solution. Zscaler security integration became a cinch, VPN tunnels were reduced from 2500 to 5, and application access directly over branch office Internet links to cloud locations was optimized by leveraging cloud-based gateways.


Manufacturing company chooses NSX SD-WAN to meet growing demand for unified communications and SaaS. A major manufacturer selected NSX SD-WAN for a deployment to several hundred branches around the world. The networking team chose NSX SD-WAN over two existing incumbent network equipment vendors due to the ease of management, speed of bringing on newly acquired sites or decommissioning divested sites, and the simplicity of introducing new services and policies across the entire WAN at the same time.

Financial Case Study

Large insurance company solves long-standing security problem using NSX SD-WAN. A large insurance company deploys a strong security solution, and at the same time gains scalability and ease of deployment. With a private, on-premise cloud, they host their own devices, and also derive significant benefits in reduced new-site activation time, centralized business policy management, PKI infrastructure management, VPN simplicity and cloud-readiness for future off-premise applications.


Large hospitality company uses NSX SD-WAN to retool its firewall and voice services. A well-known hospitality company with over 500 sites significantly simplifies management and configuration of their network by leveraging a cloud-hosted SD-WAN solution. They boost the efficiency of firewall service delivery, streamline traffic steering configurations, and ensure 100%-uptime delivery of voice with excellent MOS scores.

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