Work From Home Essentials

During these unique circumstances, it is important (as your communications partner) to support & provide you with the tools necessary to efficiently and effectively perform your day to day operations, be it at home or other remote capacities. It won’t take long to get confused when you take to google to source tools, resources, and technologies to support these efforts. Just as fast as you get confused, so will you sign up for a service with ambiguous terms and conditions that may hold you liable after the fact.

We have documented the services (with their respective COVID-19 promotions, concessions, and free offerings) for you. We have also streamlined the process for you sign up & deploy these services quickly. The solutions we have researched have high inventory’s and the ability to act fast! If any of the below items are becoming more of a realized need with the extended social distancing guidelines, let me know.


  • Headsets (WFH): source quality headsets for any remote environment. Sourced and shipped fast.
  • Video/Audio Conferencing solutions: free services w/ no contract obligations.
  • Microsoft Teams: unlimited domestic dialing, month-to-month with no long-term contract through direct routing partnership.
  • Customer Service & Contact Center: move agents to remote office, continue customer satisfaction, go digital with customer experience. Discounted rates and promo’s available.
  • Remote and Mobile VPN: ditch corporate VPN or legacy solutions for SaaS like ease of use for all internal applications w/ Zero Trust Security. Remote users can access internal corporate network through mobile terminal with fast and stable internet VPN tunnel. Free months of services.
  • DaaS: Stand up full cloud desktops for your power users. Month to month with no long term contract.
  • Workspaces: SaaS’ify legacy applications on premise and deliver to select users via online workspace portal. Month-to–month and no long-term contract.
  • Device Security & Management: Secure employees and their work from home devices with single sign on portal and mulit factor authentication. Access all SaaS application, simplify logins and reduce help desk passwork requests. Free for 60 days.
  • Expense Management: working from home will radically change how technology is consumed and invoiced. Manage these increased expenses (minutes, data, managed services, carrier bills, etc) with this service for 90 days for free.


Jeff Becker

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