Naperville Contact Centers

  • If your Naperville-area business currently uses a contact center, there is no reason that it shouldn’t be in the cloud.

    Why should you choose local Naperville telecommunications company, ATI, as the host for your contact center? Because we pride ourselves on community and our Naperville contact centers would be hosted in multiple geographically redundant secure data centers. This would allow for your data to be spread around in the cloud, not leaving it vulnerable in a single place.

    Another added benefit of using our Naperville contact centers? Putting your server in the cloud frees up your IT staff to work on other projects and eliminates the cost for replacing and maintaining. ATI will take care of all that for your company. What if your contact center has peak months? Not a problem with our cloud solution contact centers – you can scale up and down with ease, no need to buy all that equipment up front.

    When your phones are the lifeblood of your organization, there is no excuse or substitute for reliability. Contact ATI to learn more.

  • Naperville Contact Centers

Naperville Contact Centers Feature:

    • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    • Queuing
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Prioritization
    • Escalation
    • Intuitive user interface for real-time tracking

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