Axxess (Legacy Product)

Inter-Tel/Mitel Axxess System

End of Life May 30, 2014

‘Twas an exceptional 20+ year run, but the Axxess phone system is slated for “End of Life/Support” on May 30, 2014. Now while some of us are sad to see it go, just ask yourself, what would day to day business operations be like if you were still using an early 1990’s computer?

So while your Axxess system won’t permanently shut off on June 1, 2014, support for it will. This means reliable replacement parts may be difficult to locate and system malfunctions may cause a fire drill in your search to implement a new phone system.

Good News

ATI and Mitel offer a simple upgrade path that can minimize cost and end-user learning curves.

  1. We take that bulky Axxess cabinet off your hands and swap it with a Mitel VOiP 2U MiVoice Office chassis
  2. You can use all your current Axxess phones!

Or: Give us a call/email and see if you qualify for the Mitel “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” phone promo

If you kept the same phones, your end-users would never even know their utilizing a new phone system, as all the prompts and commands are identical. However as the administrator you’ll notice a world of change, just as you would expect from upgrading to today’s technology.

Fill out the form to the right, and let us know that you’d like more info on the Axxess upgrade path.

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