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From ATI
ATI was recently featured in the RingCentral Partner Spotlight Series. We’re excited to continue our relationship with RingCentral and to provide great voice service to our customers.

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ATI seeks reliable, built-in-cloud provider, finds that and much more with RingCentral Partner Program

Based in the Chicago area, ATI has been connecting its customers with the right products and solutions since 1983. Its solid base of customers has trusted ATI to recommend, sell, and install phone systems, as well as to handle all of the ongoing support, for many years.


The value of cloud—and RingCentral partner

ATI knew it needed to add a unified cloud communications solution with a customer- and partner-focused provider to its portfolio in order to meet client demand while capitalizing on an exponentially growing market. After careful evaluation to determine which solutions are up to snuff and to the immaculate standards of its ownteam, ATI chose to add RingCentral to its portfolio for its complete solution set.


Winning together

ATI and RingCentral worked together to close a complex, on-premises replacement deal within an 88-day sales cycle. How did they close such a difficult deal so quickly? ATI differentiated itself by bringing engineering resources to the table, performing consulting services, helping with the install, and finding extraneous technology costs that could be displaced with RingCentral’s all inclusive solution, which replaced the customer’s end-of-life Cisco system. “We provided this customer with onsite service and support and worked with RingCentral in a unique way to ultimately cinch this deal,” says Mike Bergin, Sr. Sales Executive at ATI. ATI partnered with RingCentral to perform the implementation and adoption services for this customer and trained the users on how to use the new technology to ensure a smooth transition away from the previous provider.


A partner and a customer

As of last month, ATI is now a RingCentral customer itself. Previously a ShoreTel onpremises customer, ATI performed its own due diligence to determine who the best provider is in the market and who the team would be most comfortable migrating to while moving offices, and ATI determined that its ideal solution is RingCentral. “It certainly goes a long way when we talk to customers and we say ‘Hey, we were with ShoreTel but now we’re moving in a month and we’re migrating to RingCentral,'” says Bergin. “There’s definitely a good story there.” So, as ATI moves into its new facilities, every team member will be on the RingCentral platform. The transition will be simple and straightforward, as well. With on-premises, it would have been extremely expensive and taken a significant amount of time—and we all know the negative effects that down time has on businesses. Fortunately, RingCentral Office® is quick and easy to configure compared to conventional on-site business phone hardware. A three-step onboarding process helps with details such as network configuration and transferring numbers. This comprehensive process ensures that cloud phone service is implemented quickly and with minimal business disruption. It’s a true partnership that benefits RingCentral Partners and their customers.

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