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Network Services
Why is everyone talking about edge computing?

In the next year, billions of new devices will be connected to the internet, demanding ever-increasing, two-way bandwidth communication. In just the next few years, 600 zetabytes of data will be transmitted across networks every single day!

User experience for speech recognition, rich media content, artificial intelligence- the expectations are instantaneous. And for healthcare, gaming, safety, and retail, industries utilizing mass amounts of data are desperate for a smarter way to process this ever-increasing torrent through networks.

Traditional networks route data to a central data center or hyperscale cloud. This method subjects real-time expectations to latency and the inconsistency of network reliability. User loss can be measured in latency times quicker than the blink of an eye.

Enter the strategy of Edge computing. Edge computing allows applications and devices to respond almost instantaneously by processing data in local data centers, near the edge of your network.

Instead of shipping every single byte of data to and from a distant central warehouse, edge data centers are local hubs providing rapid delivery and response to user requests. Edge nodes select data to be processed locally, allowing you to connect more users to your realtime applications, bringing Tier 1 services to underserved Tier 2 markets

In an accelerated world, an optimized edge computing network can be the backbone to help you handle the exponential increases in data demand. Edge computing doesn’t just make networks faster- it makes people faster, as realtime response has the exponential potential to improve not just technology but quality of life.

How centralized is your network? In what ways do your applications take advantage of network distribution?

How have you architected your application to be distributed to the edge?

What challenges are you seeing in your locations near the edge?

What is your business exposure to high latency networks?

How are you measuring this loss?

What are your internal users and end customers opinions of your network experience?

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