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5 Ways Measure SaaS Success

The cloud computing revolution doesn’t just extend to data storage. For software companies everywhere, the migration to the cloud format has opened up innovative new options for distribution that transcends the physical formats of old. Because of its subscription-based model, buyers tend to look for different criteria other then technology when evaluating SaaS services. While SaaS software allows for incredibly rapid deployment of new initiatives and programs, it’s important for buyers to be judicious when selecting a software provider. Here are a few ways to measure the success of an SaaS provider to avoid common pitfalls:

1. Scalability
It’s incredibly important for buyers to understand and evaluate the infrastructural foundations of an SaaS solution prior to purchase to make sure that it is designed to adapt to their needs. Some SaaS providers rely on Web-to-Web servers on public Internet, which can compromise the foundational reliability of data transfer. Buyers should find out from providers which type of infrastructure they utilize to ensure the best quality of service: from the early stages of their business to their eventual growth.
It’s up to the provider as well to make sure they scale with their own company growth, fulfilling orders from buyers while maintaining consistent service.

2. Performance
Also tied directly into the foundational structure of an SaaS provider is the quality of service. Long delays, or hiccups with the front-end user experience are huge red flags that buyers should be wary of when dealing with an SaaS.

3. Tech Support
As a company’s needs shift and scale over time, there’s no doubt that their new systems can clash with existing software and operations and require patches, bug fixes, and problems that may need trouble shooting. Providers need to be well equipped to solve these problems on the fly to reduce customer downtime.

4. Time is Money
The speed at which an app delivers value to customers is incredibly important to businesses of all types. Providers need to be able to understand how their customer’s businesses operate to ensure they deliver product and updates within the right timeframe

5. QoS
Consistency is key; and unflagging, dependable service is the name of the game for SaaS delivery. If customers cannot access the apps they need any time and anywhere, they will not be satisfied with their experience. 100% uptime is not just applauded, it’s expected.
Whether you’re looking to purchase a service from an SaaS provider, or you’re creating software to distribute yourself and want to evaluate your services, it’s important to keep these key points in mind.


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