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Snow Day, I’m Working From Home

We got a bit of snow this past week, is an understatement. Weather in Chicago can, and will strike any season, but gone are the days where Mother Nature should slow down your organizations operations. Simply put, did  winter storm “Juno” obstruct your day to day business communications? If so, take a look at some frequently reported issues below, and see how ATI can quickly solve them.

1) Phone System:

Lack of  parity at home, customers can’t reach you – We can route all calls to employee’s cell phones, and make outbound calls from your cell appear to customers as if it were coming from your business number & Caller ID. 4 digit dial, and transfer to coworkers with ease, all on your cell. Or you could use an IP phone at home, just plug it into your home internet router with a standard Ethernet cable.

2) Computers:

Are employees computers based at the office or laptops left over the weekend? – We can deploy virtual desktops, (VDI) and your employees can log into all their files/programs from any computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet at home or anywhere with an internet connection.

3) Help Desk:

Was your IT staff unable to make it into the office to assist with employee computer issues? –  We can setup a help desk in the cloud, with a team of IT professionals at your disposal.

4) Internet/Voice Service:

Did the snow wipe out or slow down your internet & voice service? – We can setup backup internet utilizing point to point satellites that never go down when everyone elses service gets wiped out by the rogue plow Contact ATI or toss me a quick email and I’ll see how we can help. We’ve still got 3 more months of possible snow. (Yep, May) Did the snow slow your business in another way? Let us know about it, and we’ll find a solution.


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