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1 Platform, 2 Delivery Choices, 3 Deployment Options (Onsite, Cloud, Hybrid)

Mitel Connect Solutions


Ready to take your business communications platform to the next level? It all starts with ATI and ShoreTel. As a Gold Champion Partner, we’re authorized to sell, install and support ShoreTel’s broad range of communication solutions — the only business phone systems you may ever need.

To meet the diverse communication preferences of customers worldwide, ShoreTel has created the ShoreTel Connect solution, which offers three unique models to ensure you get the performance and flexibility your company needs.

Do you prefer to purchase your own hardware, have local IT handle maintenance and upgrading, or need to integrate legacy phone systems? Connect Onsite gives you the ability to own, maintain and control your business communications system on-premises, backed by ShoreTel’s robust technology and ATI’s renowned support.

If you’re a small business or prefer the convenience of hosted cloud services, then Connect Cloud is for you. This fully hosted and managed UCaaS lets you scale up and down on demand combined with the flexibility of an OPEX cost model.

For those who want a bit of both: You decide what needs to stay on site and what should be hosted in the cloud. Configure ShoreTel cloud solutions the way you want, when you want them to maximize productivity.


Maybe you’re looking for a full system upgrade, or feel the pull of value-added features. As a ShoreTel Gold Champion partner, ATI can provide a full-service communication bundle or cloud apps a la carte — from services to hardware, we’ve got you covered.

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 Mitel Connect Onsite
Your company owns, maintains & controls your ShoreTel system
  • I prefer to purchase technology outright

  • I have a strong IT staff to manage my phones

  • I need to integrate & leverage existing systems

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 MiCloud Connect
Your company subscribes to a fully hosted & Managed UCaaS
  • I prefer an OPEX over CAPEX model

  • I’d like experts to handle my phone system

  • I like the idea of freely scaling up & down

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 Mitel Connect Hybrid
Your company combines onsite & cloud deployment features
  • Add a Cloud loc to my current Onsite deployment

  • Subscribe to Scribe, Fax, or any Cloud based App

  • Configure a new system for both Onsite & Cloud

Why ati?


ShoreTel, an IP Phone system manufacturer, and unified communications leader is rapidly becoming the favorite amongst consumers and resellers in Chicago and across the country. With all of ShoreTel’s success we’ll be honest; we’re not the only game in town. However we are extremely proud to convey that we are one of the few ShoreTel partners to have achieved rank in ShoreTel’s yearly designation of the “Circle of Excellence” This award is given out each year based on sales and customer satisfaction to the top 10 ShoreTel dealers in the world!

As a designated ShoreTel Gold Champion partner we have the ability to sell, install and support all of ShoreTel’s offerings, including Onsite, Cloud, Contact Center, Conferencing and Mobility products in Chicago and worldwide. ShoreTel’s suite of products is inherently brilliantly simple as they were born from a clean sheet of paper, no old technology legacy products to adapt to. Pure VoIP, with the best ROI in the industry, and we’re excited to bring it to you.

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Mitel On The Apple Watch

ShoreTel Unified Communications now combines your iPhone with your Apple Watch for one simple BYOD experience. It’s easy to SMS, join collaboration meetings, keep track of events, and reach your business associates through your DID or business number with the ShoreTel app. Check it out today, and eliminate that awkward struggle of pulling your phone out of your pocket in time to answer the call.

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Cloud Phone Systems
Onsite PBX
Mitel Connect Onsite & Cloud
Mitel MiVoice Office 250

Network Services
Managed Security
SIP, Fiber, GigE
Dedicated Internet Access
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QoS, QoE

Contact Centers
Audio & Video Conferencing
Office 365
Skype For Business
Call Recording
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Hosted Email

Cloud Compute
Disaster Recovery & Backup
Infrastructure as a Service
Virtual Desktops - VDI
Outsourced IT
Web Content Filtering
Document Management 

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